Yellow Seed Bead Braided Necklace

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Simple, clean and classic.  That is how I would describe my yellow braided bead necklace.  I wanted to make a piece that would go with lots of items in my closet and work for different seasons.  By using this shade of yellow it feels like spring, summer and fall to me.

Love this beaded necklace!

And it was fairly easy to make.  The most time consuming part of this necklace is simply the stringing of the seed bead strands.  Start off by choosing one color of seed beads.  I got these beads at Joann’s.  You will also need tread, needle, beading tools, chain, clasp and bead end clam clamps.

Materials for beaded necklace

Cut 30 strands of thread to your desired length.  Mine were approximately 12″ leaving me plenty of room to make each strand of beads 7.5″ long while leaving space to tie the knots. Separate the stands into 3 groups of 10 threads each.  Tie the 10 threads in to a knot at one end, double or triple knotting to make it is large and secure.  Cover with your bead end clam clamp.  Repeat two more times with the remaining 20 thread strands to create 3 groupings of 10 strands each.

Threading strands

Thread your needle onto one of the strands and start adding your seed beads to the strand.  Once you reach the desired length (i chose 7.5″) tie a knot securing the last bead on the strand.

Creating the strands

Repeat for the remaining 29 strands of thread, so that you end up with this:

Seed Bead Strands

Now take each one of your groupings of 10 strands and tie the lose ends into a large knot and clamp with your remaining clam clap bead ends, so that both ends now look the same.  Repeat with the remaining 2 groups of strands.  Using a jump ring, attach all three strands from one end and attach a segment of your chain to your desired length (my chain was 5.5″).

Attaching the strands

Braid the three bundles of bead strands together loosely and attach the other end of clam claps and a section of chain to a jump ring.  Attach your clasp to the end of the chain.  There you have it!  Your are finished with your braided seed bead necklace :)

Yellow Braided Necklace

What do your think?  Not too hard to accomplish while watching TV and the variation options are endless.  Can’t wait to try this necklace in other colors or mixed colors for different outfit and seasons!

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