Wedding Week: Rustic Wood Signage

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With our rustic orchard themed wedding, I just new we had to include a few hand-painted wood signs.  Luckily for us, there was an old shed on my parent’s property that had partially burned down years prior before they lived there and they had not yet gotten around to tearing it down.  We were able to salvage some of the weathered siding from the shed to make our rustic signs.  The wood was perfect; faded from years in the sun, remnants of old chipping paint, rusted out nail holes and slightly charred in some places.  It really gave our signs the character I wanted!  Here is one of my favorites signs we made that was next to our appetizer/dessert table:

Hand Painted Wedding Signs

I might have gone a little overboard with the number of sign on the property, and if it wasn’t for my husband finally saying “Do your really think we need 3 signs pointing to the bar and one over it?”  They were very easy to make, all we did was use cream paint to write on all the words and nailed them to posts or trees around the grounds.

Welcome sign

In addition to the basic parking and welcome signs, we made numerous signs directing our guests to the important things like the ceremony, restrooms, the bar and the camping area for overnight guests.

Rustic Wedding

To help our guests find their way top our wedding site, we made a bunch of “A & H” signs with arrows to post along the road from the freeway the orchard.  My dad kept the skill saw ready to cut the boards apart as the signs dried.

Rustic Wedding Signs

We even made a couple rustic wedding signs saying “Thank You” that we used in a few pictures and printed our favorite one for our wedding thank you cards that we sent to our guests.  Such a great way to add a personal touch and continue on the theme of our wedding.  Read our Rustic Wedding Thank You Card Tutorial here.

Wedding Pic for Thank You Cards

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