Wedding Week: Rustic Details

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Our Rustic Wedding

Image by Shepard Photography

Love is in the air! With spring right around the corner, it sure is starting to feel like wedding season!  This time last year I was entering the final scramble to get my long list of DIY projects done in time for our August wedding.  In honor of this time of year, welcome to Just Two Crafty Sisters Wedding Week (or two weeks since I just realized how many projects we actually did!!) Let’s start with an overview of our rustic / backyard / orchard wedding details.  Looking for a tutorial of each project?  As I post those tutorials over the next few weeks, I will link them here :)

Our wedding colors were fuchsia and chocolate brown.  Being that the wedding was held outside in my parents’ orchard, I wanted to keep everything simple and a little bit country.  Starting with our invitations, I used a Mr. & Mrs. theme and incorporated in some gingham ribbon.  I knew I wanted pocket fold invites and read probably 15 tutorials on making diy pocket fold invitations before getting started on them.  Click here for the full story and how they are made.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

After making the invitations, I used the left over brown and cream paper to make the place cards.  I used a fun floral stamp to add in fuchsia and made wine cork card holders to set each card in.  Click here to see more details of how to make wine cork place card holders and stamped guest cards.

Wedding Place Cards Image by Shepard Photography

I wanted a rustic and unique way to give our guests an area to put gifts.  What we ended up doing was using a straw bale next to the tree with our welcome sign for gifts and then I painted a mailbox and attached it to a post to collect any cards.  I just loved how it turned out!  Click here to learn more about how I made this wedding mailbox.

Wedding Gift Area with Mailbox

Speaking of rustic wood signage, all over the reception we had hand painted signs directing our guests to the bar, restrooms, campground (we invited everyone to stay the night and camp with us), parking, etc.  I might have gone  a little overboard with the amount of signs, but I thought they fit in really well with the outdoor orchard theme.  I just love this picture with my dad’s tractor in the background!

Rustic Wedding

For table settings we wanted it simple and clean.  We opted for cream table cloths and then I purchased brown gingham fabric at  If you are looking for fabric, it is a great place to buy from and I love the fabric I have purchased there in the past. Great deals from! Click here My mom was kind enough to sew 100 napkins out of the brown gingham fabric and it really brought the country feel to our wedding table setting.

Brown Gingham NapkinImage by Shepard Photography

Notice the pear on the table?  That is our wedding gift for our guests.  I wanted something that fit the theme and did not break the bank, so what better than a pear while sitting in the middle of an orchard surrounded by apple and pear trees?  Unfortunately the pears in our orchard were not ready to be picked yet so we had to buy 100 pears at Costco.  Learn more about our pear guest gift.

Pear Guest Gifts

Continuing on with the rustic table setting look, my dad cut one inch think rounds of wood for me to use for our table numbers. Read the tutorial on how to make wood rounds table numbers here: Wood Table Numbers Tutorial  Wondering why there is an empty mason jar behind the table number?  That is the vase for my wedding bouquet to add as decoration to the table for the reception.  No need to have extra flowers on the head table this way :)

Table Numbers Image by Shepard Photography

Speaking of flowers…those were DIY too of course.  I ordered all of my flowers wholesale through Costco and was able to pick them up at my local store.  Awesome experience and the flowers turned out amazing! My sister made the bridal party bouquets, they look so amazingly professional!  Click here to learn more about our experience in DIY wedding flowers.

Bridal BouquetImage by Shepard Photography

I really wanted to have something to give my bridesmaids that we could use to drink champagne and mimosas as we were getting ready, but also that they could keep afterwards.  I dressed them up with rhinestones and painted on each persons name and role in the wedding.  I also made Alex and I flutes to use for the wedding toast.  Like to know how to make these champagne flutes?  Here you go! Wedding champagne flute tutorial.

Champagne Wedding Flutes

This one is not DIY, but I just had to include the awesome ring “pillow” that my sister and brother-in-law (our maid of honor and best man) got for us!  How cute right?

Ring Pillow

Now…back to DIY projects, our cake!  My mom baked and iced the cake, with the help of our amazing family friend and caterer to decorate with flowers. I made a simple cake topper of our initials in brown with fuchsia to tie in the wedding colors.  What is that beautiful cake sitting on?  Oh, just the fantastic tree stump cake stand my dad made with A + H carved in it!

Tree Stump Cake StandImage by Shepard Photography

Now on to one of the larger and more stressful projects we tackled, the shade cloth tent.  Having a summertime wedding outdoors, we knew heat and direct sun could be a problem.  After brain storming and multiple attempts, we were able to come up with a solution of creating this wedding hoop tent to cover the tables.  This saved us hundreds of dollars in not having to rent tents and have a great rustic orchard feel.

Wedding Hoop Tent
Image by Shepard Photography

Looking for a drink?  We built this great wine barrel bar for our wedding and plan to use it for every summer party in the orchard moving forward.  Super rustic and easy, we used two wine barrels and my dad stained and sealed a large piece of wood to lay on top for the bar.  We then painted a Bar sign, hung up the carnival lights, and added our wine selection, kegs and signature cranberry lime spritzer cocktail.

Wine Barrel Bar
Image by Shepard Photography

To add a seating area near the dance floor, I really loved the idea of straw bale couches.  With the added touch of my handmade Mr. & Mrs. pillows, it was beautiful and functional!  Here is the tutorial about our hay couches and making those Mr. & Mrs. pillows without a sewing machine.

Straw Couches

Speaking of the dance floor, my dad built us this amazing gazebo to double as the setting for the ceremony and the dance floor!  Here we are having our first dance..”I wanna love you, and treat you right!” Our first dance song was Bob Marley, Is This Love.

Wedding Gazebo
Image by Shepard Photography

Being that one of my favorite pastimes is making jewelry, it was a no brainer that I would make my bridal jewelry as well as my bridesmaids jewelry.  To bring in our wedding color of fuchsia I bought these amazing fuchsia pearls and paired them with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.  Here is the step-by-step process of how I made my wedding jewelry and my bridesmaid necklaces.

Handmade Bridal JewelryImage by Shepard Photography

I really wanted to use the features of the orchard to be photo props for our rustic wedding. We took pictures picking fruit in the orchard…

Orchard WeddingImage by Shepard Photography

…wedding party on my dad’s tractor

Wedding TractorImage by Shepard Photography

…rustic wedding barn

Rustic Wedding BarnImage by Shepard Photography

…and thank you signs. Loved this idea I had seen while planning our wedding. We took this picture with our “Thank You” signs and used it to make our Thank You cards. Simple and easy Thank You card tutorial.

Wedding Pic for Thank You CardsImage by Shepard Photography

What a whirlwind our wedding was.  Here we are the next morning after camping in our Honeymoon tent :)  Off to Maui we go!

Wedding Tent

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  1. ok i totally loved just reliving your wedding with you! thank you for letting me crash it! :) you are AMAZING for making it such a beautiful, fun and special day, all with your own two hands. it was exactly as i imagine perfect weddings to be. <3

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