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The gift area at a wedding is a great area to use some creativity and tie into the overall theme of a wedding.  For our outdoor orchard wedding I just knew that I wanted to make a mailbox card holder, especially being that we only registered for our Honeymoon.  We planned on mainly getting cards and gifts towards our Maui getaway being that we already had all the household goodies we needed.

Wedding Gift Area with Mailbox

Since we had the county idea and hay bales being used in other part of the reception, we were also able to incorporate a hay bale in next to the mail box to hold the larger gifts.  This set up was at the entry of our wedding.  I hate going to a party or wedding and feeling awkward carrying around my gift, not knowing where it should go, so I really wanted this to be a cute, designated focal point when entering the wedding area.

Wedding EntranceImage by Shepard Photography

To make the mailbox I went to my local hardware store and bought the most basic, cheap mailbox I could find; an metal box in a boring shade of primer gray.  I bought some dark brown paint that said it worked on metal and was good for outdoor applications. I applied 3 coats to fully cover the gray and then was ready to decorate.  Using a template I made from printer paper, I stenciled on our last name and wedding date.

Mailbox in progress

Next I free-hand painted on flowers in pink to match the color I had painted on the mailbox’s flag and give a bit more personal feel to the mailbox for our wedding cards.

Wedding card mailbox

With my dad’s help, we mounted the mailbox on a post and it worked great as a unique way to gather all the cards from our wedding guests.

Wedding Mailbox

And finally….can you believe it!  We are done with Wedding Week…er…Wedding Month I guess!  On to other crafty projects I have been accumulating around the house :)

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