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Being a scrapbooker, I keep everything.  You just never know when that birthday card from 3 years ago or that ticket stub from the movies will be the perfect piece needed for an album or another project.  After our wedding I gathered up all the cards and added them to my collection, waiting for the day I had time to decide what to do with them.  While browsing Pinterest I came across this great site, Simple Mom, with multiple ideas for re-purposing old cards and letters and then stumbled across Something Turquoise and her post with a great step-by-step post about creating a wedding card mini-album.  I immediately knew that I wanted to create a coffee table book with all our wedding cards, that way in the years to come we can look back over all the warm wishes and remember how amazing it was to be surrounded by our friends and family on our big day.  Here is how it turned out:

Bound Booklet of our Wedding Cards

A word of warning.  Wedding cards can be quite thick, and trying to punch holes with a 10 year old dull hand hole puncher will probably leave your hand bruised and sore. If you are willing to risk the discomfort, or buy a better hole punch, this is a great way to preserve wedding day well wishes.

2 pieces of cardboard
greeting cards
hole punch
paper and stickers


1. Gather up your wedding cards.

Wedding Card Booklet

2. Take some thick, sturdy cardboard to use as your front & back covers. Measure out the size of your larger cards and cut out 2 pieces of cardboard large enough to cover them.

Wedding Card Booklet

3. Punch 3 holes along the card board covers, designating which way is up.  Use the holes to act as a guide on each each to make sure the holes will all line up appropriately.

Wedding Card Booklet

4. Continue along punching holes into each card.

Wedding Card Booklet

**Make sure to balance the book by spacing out smaller cards and shifting them up and down if they only have 2 holes punched in them.  How cute is that card!  I just love the wedding Chihuahuas :)

Wedding Card Booklet

5. Take scrapbook paper and stickers to design your front and back covers.I made mine in fuchsia and brown to mimic our wedding colors.

Wedding Card Booklet

6. Once all the cards are punched and your cover is decorated, cut three lengths of ribbon to tie it all together.  As I always recommend when dealing with cut ribbon, take a lighter and melt the ends to keep it from unraveling.

Wedding Card Book in Progress

7. Tie the ribbons into pretty bows along the spine to hold your book together.  Make sure to not tie them too tight, to allow for movement when turning the pages.

Front & Back of Wedding Card Book

Preserve your wedding memories for years to come :)

Beautiful Way to Preserve Wedding Cards

Happy 1 year anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I love you :)

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