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Has is really been over two weeks since my last post?!? Time seems to be flying by and I have been delinquent about keeping up with my posting.  Between working long hours and weekend trips, something had to give I guess!  Two out of the last three weekends we went to visit the family farm, and the other weekend was spent celebrating the beautiful nuptials of two fantastic friends.  Great times with friends and family as the summer draws to a close. Want a tour of the family farm?  We had a blast visiting the farm and stocking up on all the produce that is finally starting to ripen!


All the onions and garlic have been pulled and are left to dry out before going into their bins for storage. The incredible flavor and aroma of fresh garlic and onions when cooking is spectacular. Amazing how much flavor you get in fresh produce compared to store-bought.


When walking through the garden you sometimes have to stop and smell the flowers :)  Our parents plant sunflowers all along the fence line in the garden and I just love it!  As we near the end of August they are starting to droop and fall, but this one still held strong.


Now back to the produce…purple pole beans!  These beans are huge and have the best flavor; I just love them.  This photo is not altered, they actually grow on the vine in a deep purple color and turn green as you cook them.  Super fun for kids to watch as the beans change color in the boiling pot :)


Ahhh…tomatoes!  Here I am picking a few tomatoes that are starting to turn red on the vine.  Our parents grew quite a few varieties this year, expanding the garden ever bigger.  My favorite is the Stupice variety of  tomatoes.  They grow great in higher climates and the flavor is spectacular.  My husband was never fond of tomatoes until he tried one fresh off the vine.  There is no comparison to the commercial, watery, tough tomatoes you get in the store.  With the abundance of tomatoes, my mom came up with a roasted tomato sauce (recipe coming soon) to use on chicken, pork and pasta.  So delicious and a great taste of summer to pull out of the freezer mid-winter.


And what goes great with tomatoes? Basil of course! Nothing better than a fresh caprese salad on a hot summer day. I love making homemade pesto as well, so we make sure to grow plenty of basil :)


Yum, zucchini. With a few different varieties (yellow, light green and dark green), we just love cooking and baking with zucchini! Check out my Zucchini recipes here.


So there you have it, a quick tour of our parent’s natural bounty! Now only a 1/2 day left of work until Alex & I take off for an extended weekend in South Lake Tahoe to celebrate our 1 year anniversary :)

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One thought on “Visiting Alta Family Farm

  1. I love your parents garden. We need to make a trek out to see them. Thanks for sharing their little piece of heaven! Love to you all!

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