Quick Trip to Indianapolis

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Last week I got to take my first solo business trip by attending an industry conference in Indianapolis. It was a quick trip with very little down time, so I did not get to explore the city unfortunately. But it was still great getting to represent my company, take away some ideas for the business and win an award for marketing. So I wanted to share a few pictures from the trip, starting off with this beautiful view from the room!

Indianapolis in October

I was lucky to get a room on the 30th floor with city views which was amazing.  If I was to look a little more to the right I could even see the Colt’s stadium.  Too bad I could not stay one more day and catch a game, but I had to hurry home for a Sunday wedding.  The hotel I stayed in was the JW Marriott.  Beautiful view, inside and out.

Indianapolis in October

While walking around the first evening after arriving, I stumbled across Monument Circle in the middle of downtown. That was really the only site seeing I did, because the next day was all conference including a dinner reception, then 1/2 day more conference and afternoon flight home.

Indianapolis in October

So, let’s end this with one last shot of the view from the room. Hopefully next time in Indy I will have time to relax site see a bit.

Indianapolis in October

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