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I figured it was about time that I share our amazing air conditioned dog house. We built it back in June, but have yet to finish off the trim and paint it. Being that we live in a hot climate in the summer and we wanted the dogs to stay in the yard while we are at work, we decided to build a insulated dog house. It came in quite handy this summer when we had 7 days over 100 degree late June/early July and plenty other hot days throughout the summer.  First things first, we went to work sketching out a plan.

Original dog house plans

The first plan ended up being a little excessive.  After measuring it out on the floor and marking it with tape, we realized that this was going to be a bit too large, especially for our small dog (now dogs).  I really wanted to keep the door in the front for us to be able to access easily, the air conditioner and a window. After talking it over, Alex came up with plan #2.

Revised dog house plans

While similar to our first plan, this one is a bit smaller with the window on a side wall instead of on the front wall. It is still an impressive dog house, but will fit much better in our small yard.  Now that we had a plan, we were off to Home Depot to buy some of the supplies, starting with the air conditioner unit.

AC unit for our dog house

Before we went to Home Depot, I did a lot of research on the different models.  We did not need a large unit since the dog house is so small.  I found the GE 6,400 BTU Window Room Air Conditioner on Amazon and knew that was the right option for us.  I was able to find out that it was in stock at Home Depot so we opted to pick it up instead of having it shipped. Next we needed a doggie dog.

All weather dog door for our dog house

We decided to get the Ruff-Weather Pet Door.  It has two flaps to help keep out the elements and is built really well.  It was a bit of a splurge at around $100, but if we are paying to insulate and air condition this dog house, then a quality door makes sense. Last item we bought was a window.

Items for our dog house

The window was also from Home Depot and was a 2 ft x 2 ft bathroom Jeld Wen window and costs about $70.  After we had these supplies on hand I gave my dad a call and made plans to come visit and get working on the dog house.  My mom and dad bought the plywood, framing wood and insulation sheets for us as out house warming present, making this project a bit more affordable.

Materials for our dog house

After going over the plans together, we knew how we were going to get this dog house knocked out.  Our plan was to pre-build the walls, floor and roof and then my parents would come down one weekend and we would assemble it in our new yard.

Dog house plan drawings

With my dad leading the charge, we went to work measuring…

Making our dog house

and cutting out the pieces we would need.

Framing our awesome dog house

I love seeing it start to take shape.  Super exciting to see a vision on paper become reality.  We could not have done it without the expertise of my dad!

Walls for our dog house

Once the pieces we needed were all cut, we moved along to framing out the walls.

Custom dog house

Since they are going the be insulated, they had to be built-out with frames like this.

Dog house walls to insulate

We bought 2 types of insulations.  The first was this insulfoam that was used in the walls.  This foam is good, but for the roof we stepped it up.

Insulated dog house walls

The roof foam is reflective to help keep the heat out even more.

Insulation for our dog house

Alex cut the insulfoam for the walls and stuffed it in just like a puzzle piece.

Building a dog house for Wezley

Once all the walls were insulated, we lightly tacked them together to make sure everything fit together correctly.  It would be quite a bummer to get to our house to assemble and find out a measurement was off this whole time!

Building a dog house with insulation

Next the roof and back wall were built and added on.  Here is a view of the side with the hole for the air conditioning unit.

Awesome insulated dog house

And the larger hole on this side is for the window to fit into.

Building a dog house

Once we were sure that all the pieces were correct, we stacked them up with the other materials to be ready to drive down to our new house and assemble the following week.

Dog house ready to be assembled

Phase one complete!  Click here to read on about how we assembled the house in our new backyard (Part 2 coming soon).

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