Holiday Decorating: Snowflake Wreath

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Merry Christmas Eve!! Today we will be heading down to spend the holidays with Alex’s family and I can’t wait.  Good food, wine and a present swap.  I know I promised this tutorial on how to make an easy snowflake wreath a while back when I first posted about our holiday mantel for this season, and here it is finally.

Snowflake wreath

To get it started, I found these foam snowflakes at Joann’s.  My initial plan was to use felt and cut out snowflakes, but then I spotted these snowflake packs at 50% off I knew I could save a lot of time and labor by using them.  Half the pack is glittered and the other half is plain white.  Being that I wanted all glittered snowflakes, I bought 2 packs.

Crafty snowflake wreath

Next I grabbed a wire wreath frame and a 12×12 piece of paper.  I then traced a large circle onto the paper to act as my wreath frame.  With the foam being so light I did not want to use a real wreath frame, but I created a paper one to make sure I kept my snowflake in a perfect circle shape.

Holiday snowflake wreath

Once traced onto the paper, cut it out.

Holiday festive wreath

Now you have the perfect circle for the wreath base.

Holiday wreath

Using my glue gun, I started gluing on the snowflakes.

Christmas snowflake wreath idea

Keep adding on snowflakes as you work around the wreath.  To make them look more random, I moved around as I added them and made sure they did not all overlap in the same way.

Making a crafty snowflake wreath

And after about 25 snowflakes, we have a finished snowflake wreath!

Crafty snowflake wreath tutorial

Once all the snowflakes are glued down and it has cooled, it is time to add ribbon.  I found this shiny green ribbon in my wrapping tote and thought it would work great.

Christmas snowflake wreath

I glued the ribbon down on the back in the wreath and created a fun little bow to the front.  To hang it above our fireplace I simply used a tack through the middle of the ribbon bow.

Snowflake holiday wreath

And there you have it.  A super simple holiday wreath.  I think it looks great in our dining room on the bold navy walls, but you could also hang it on your door for some festive holiday decor.

Holiday mantel stockings

Holiday Holly Wreath

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly! I love being named after a prickly bush with poisonous berries haha. At least it is great for holiday decorating though :) This year I made a wreath of fresh holly to spruce up our house.

How to make a festive Holly Wreath

I am lucky that my parents have about 8 large holly plants growing along the path between their house and Mel’s house, so I get harvest for free. After visiting for Thanksgiving, I came home with a large bag of fresh cut boughs. Once cut the holly will last for a few weeks before drying out, so this was great timing to start my holiday decorating.

Using Holly in Decorating

To make my wreath I bought a 12 inch wire wreath frame at Joann’s and grabbed my beading clippers and floral wire that I already had in my craft supplies drawers.  Along with the holly, this is all you will need to make the wreath. Continue reading »

Burlap Fall Wreath

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This post will be a tutorial for how I made my first fall wreath, but I wanted to start out by thanking our readers and apologizing for the lack of posts lately. We ran into a huge problem where our site was hacked and we needed to make sure everything was cleaned up and working properly before working on new posts. I want to say a big thanks to my dear friend and web guru Stefan for taking time to help me work this all out and now we are back on track and more secure than ever. In addition to fixing the site; Alex and I have decided to start the process of looking for our first home, so free time is spent researching neighborhoods, meeting with our Realtor and browsing listings. Lots going on to keep life interesting! Now, on to today’s craft, a festive fall wreath!

Burlap Fall Monogram Wreath

Starting off I grabbed some pipe insulating foam that I have purchased a while ago from Lowe’s and decided on the size of my wreath.  I tapes the two ends of the foam together to create my foam structure.  This is a much more cost effective what to create a wreath form than buying one at a craft store.  The foam can be a bit more flimsy than a Styrofoam form, so just make sure to use light materials on your wreath. Continue reading »