Warning Zombie Sign

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My favorite part of my Zombie Attack Halloween decor this year is this DIY warning zombies sign. I decided to make instead of buying because I wanted it to be personalized and I can never pass on a chance for a fun craft day. After searching around on Pinterest and thinking about what I wanted to do, I came up the this look for my sign.

How to make a spooky zombie sign

To make this sign you will need a square wooden board, a wooden stake, paint, red gel food coloring and spray acrylic sealant.  To start out I painted the entire board cream.  I then used my yard stick to separate the top section and painted it black.  I then played around with red and black for the outside border of the sign.  Once dried I freehand painted “Warning” and “Zombies”.

Making a zombie sign diy

Next I racked my brain on how to do the blood on the sign.  I ended up grabbing a tube of red gel food coloring from my baking cupboard and smeared it all over my hand.  I then grabbed the sign in a few places and used one finger to write out “Save Your Self”.  The texture of the gel food coloring gave some great depth and detail and really looks like blood.

DIY zombie halloween sign

After letting it dry for over 24 hours, I took the sign outside and added multiple coats of clear acrylic spray paint.  The red food coloring has already faded a bit and is really not water resistant.  I am not sure if it will hold up all that great over time, but I can always re-do that portion for the future if it fades away.

zombie attack halloween decor

The final touch to make this sign pop was adding fake barb wire and Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes.

zombie attack halloween decor. Zombie eat brains!

Don’t have time to make a zombie sign?  Good news is that there are a ton of them out there to buy and they run about $10-$15 a piece.  Here are a few examples I saw at the Spirit store that would have worked great too.

Zombie Hunter SignZombie Research Metal SignQuarantine Sign

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Halloween Decorations: Trick or Treat Yard Sign

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Halloween keeps getting closer and I am not yet done with our Halloween decorations for our house.  Being our first Halloween in the new house I have grand ideas for how amazing the decorating would be…until I spent an hour walking around a party store and realized the price tag to my vision.  Since I don’t want to break the bank (and I figure I can wait and grab Halloween decor half off after the holiday to use for next year), I decided to scale back and try to DIY a few items this time around, starting with a Trick or Treat yard sign.  Besides, homemade almost always comes our cuter and more unique anyways right?

Halloween Decorations: DIY Trick or Treat Yard Sign

So, to get started I took a quick trip over to my homeland, I mean Joann’s, and grabbed a few supplies.  I was being lazy and have not fully unpacked all my crafting supplies so I just grabbed it all including brushes.  What I needed was a few fun paints, 2 longer wood signs, one small wood sign, and wood pole, a wood stick, wood glue and  paint brushes.  I grabbed some googly eyes too, but ended up not using them.

Supplies to make a halloween sign

I did not take any progress pictures as I painted, but basically I painted the front of each sign (multiple coats needed on the glitter paints to get full coverage).  Once dried I painted the black edges to get more consistency among the three pieces.  Next I free-hand painted the letters onto the signs.  I was going for a cute bone look, like one I saw on a sign from Pottery Barn.

Trick or treat sign

One last touch was to outline each letter with glow in the dark paint so that it will pop at night in our yard.  The glow in the dark paint goes on a greenish-white, but dries clear so it did not effect the overall look.

Outlining trick or treat sign with glow in the dark paint

Did anyone else notice the creepy dude photo bombing my last picture?  He was in an ad on the magazine page I was using to keep paint off our table, and I did not even see him until editing the pictures..too funny! Once the sign was done and dry, the final step was to paint the stick black to match and use the wood glue to affix the signs to the stick.

Working on my trick or treat halloween sign

The stick ended up being too flimsy on it’s own to keep the sign up in the yard.  After a few minutes it started to bend and eventually fell over.  We plan to reinforce it with the large wooden dowel tonight and hopefully that helps to hold up the weight of the sign.  I will let you know how it goes when I share the rest of our Halloween decorations next week :)

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