Winter Pinterest Challenge: Bow Clutch

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I was so excited last week to hear the announcement for the Winter Pinterest Challenge! This challenge was the brain child of two fabulous bloggers (Sherry & Katie) and each time they invite two additional bloggers to help host. The point of the challenge is simple, stop pinning and start doing.  Pick a project you pinned and you have been putting off and get busy.

A big shout out to our fabulous hosts this time around:

For this time around I am FINALLY diving into a project on my new sewing machine.  I have been eyeballing this adorable bow clutch that I pinned (my pin) to my sewing board months ago, way before I even owned a sewing machine.  This project comes from the creative mind of Whitney at Elm Street Life.  She wrote a fantastic step-by-step tutorial showing how she made this lovely clutch.  So here is the final product:

DIY Bow Clutch Sewing Tutorial

I am so happy with how it turned out being this was the first project I have ever made on a sewing machine.  It is not perfect but I love it!  I bought all my fabric from

Orders of $35 & up Ships Free.

The exterior green is European Linen Fabric Fig and the inside liner is Kona Cotton Meringue.  I got the zipper, thread and interfacing at Joann’s.  I bought more supplies to make this again in purple with pink liner too!  Continue reading »

My New Sewing Machine

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This post has been a long time coming.  Right after Christmas I finally pulled the trigger and bought this beautiful sewing machine. First thing I did was pull it out of the box onto our kitchen table and proceeded to Instagram it and text my sister.  And there it sat, untouched for weeks. Finally I have started my first project with it and can’t wait to share it next week!

Sewing Machine

I had done a lot of research over the past year deciding which one to go with. My mom swears by Janome, so I narrowed my search to my top 3 picks nearly a year ago. I ended up choosing the most expensive one (of course!) the Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine.  You can get it on Amazon for $599, a great price for such an impressive machine! I can’t wait to share many projects to come.  For a sneak peak into my crafting, or to see a million pictures of the cutest 15 pound Chihuahua…

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