Easy No-Sew Braided Fleece Scarf

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Trying to think up an easy holiday gift idea? I came up with this really easy, no-sew scarf idea. This project really only takes 15-30 minutes, so it works great for last minute gifts around the holidays.  By braiding the fleece this scarf has more detail too it than the basic diy fleece scarf.

How to make a Easy No-Sew Fleece Scarf

I made this scarf using a remnant piece of fleece I picked up a few months ago, but any left over fleece will do. (Great deals from Fabric.com! Click here) This piece was just under 1/2 a yard.  While standing in line to have other fabric cut, I saw this beauty and with one touch I was sold. This grey fleece is supper soft and comfortable and I just new I could make a great scarf with it!

Easy No-Sew Fleece Scarf from Scrap Material

Step 1: Roll out your piece of fleece in a flat area.  I choose the floor, but a nice long table would work great too. Continue reading »

Holly’s Knitted Wool Scarf Pattern

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A couple of years ago, I decided to test my skills as knitting and make a scarf without following any patterns.  I kept it simple with just knit and purl stitches and this is the scarf I came up with:










By alternating knit and purl I was able to get a fun texture and pattern going, and I seem to get compliments on it whenever I wear it out.  I decided to recreate it and by doing so, take notes and record the pattern for others. Bear with me, this is the first time I have tried to record my own pattern for others to follow, so here we go!

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