Homemade Pear Sauce

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While I am particularly fond of warmer weather in general, I am getting pretty antsy for fall this year! I am welcoming the cooler weather, bundling up and decorating our new house.  Maybe this year we will even get a few trick-or-treaters!  So, what do I do to get in the spirit of fall? Make a batch of pear sauce.

How to make pear sauce for the fall

I love pears.  I mean LOVE them.  Luckily we have an abundance of pears on the family farm. Mel was kind enough to bring us a crate the other weekend so we whipped up a batch first thing the next morning.  It also gave me an excuse to pull out the cute new owl towels I picked up a Kohl’s a while ago!

Pear season on the farm - time for pear sauce

Pear sauce it extremely easy to make.  You can do it in a crockpot or in a large dutch oven. I have this cute bright orange Rachel Ray Dutch Oven, that I love using for soups, stews and pear sauce.  Simply wash, peel, quarter and core your pears. You should be able to fit 25-30 pears in one batch.

How to make pear sauce

Toss all the pear pieces in your pot.  Top with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and add 1/4-1/2 cup of water.  That is really all the liquid you will need since the pear are creating their own juiciness.

Pear sauce- just pears, water and cinnamon

Mix it around and bring to a low boil.

Making pear sauce

Once boiling, reduce to a low simmer and allow to cook down for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

Yummy pear sauce

Once done, pears should be soft enough to mash with a whisk or potato masher.  I like my pear sauce to be pretty smooth, so I tend to bust out my immersion blender to give it a quick blend.

Making pear sauce for fall

And there you have the finished product, a nice large pot of pear sauce.  Plus, your house will smell like the best fall day :)

Easy pear sauce- just pears, water and cinnamon

Because it is just Alex and I, we would never go through that much pear sauce before it went bad.  I got these cute little Ziploc containers that are freezer safe and the perfect size for a little snack.  Now we can just grab one and let it thaw when we want a yummy snack of pear sauce with lunch. Enjoy!

Individual servings of pear sauce to freeze

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Wedding Week: Pear Guest Gifts

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Being that our wedding was in the middle of a pear orchard, it made complete sense to me to incorporate pears into our wedding.  What better way than on the tables as the gift for our guests! They act double duty as decor and gift :) Unfortunately we had a late pear season last year, so the ones on the trees were far from being edible by the end of August.  Luckily I was able to find a great deal on pears by the flat at Costco, and we were able to pick them up at the same time we grabbed all the flowers the day before the wedding.

Pear Guest GiftImage by Shepard Photography Continue reading »