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Holidays are the best time for crafting.  I love the excuse to come up with cute decorations to make our house festive.  I have been trying to find ways to commemorate our travels, and decided to come up with some travel ornaments for our Christmas Tree.  That way every year when we set up the tree it is a walk down memory lane.  A few years ago I made an ornament with sand from Maui, so this time I decided to make a word photo ornament to remember Rome.

Handmade travel christmas ornament made from a vacation photo

Starting out I gathered my supplies.  In this case I used:

  • Mod Podge
  • Craft paints
  • Word letters
  • Photograph
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun

Handmade travel ornament for Christmas

Step one, paint the wooden letters any desired color.  You only have toy focus on coating the back and edges, being that you will be gluing the photo to the front of the letters.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Making a DIY christmas word ornament

Next, trace the letters face side down onto the photo you wan to use.

Making a christmas ornament- travel memories

Remember that everything is backwards so you will want to have the letters in the correct order to have the image correct when finished.

DIY christmas "word" ornament

Carefully cut out each letter.

Christmas ornaments -travel memories

Match the letter with the wooden version

Handmade travel christmas ornament

Paint in some mod podge to each letter and adhere the photo.

DIY christmas Rome ornament

Allow to sit and dry so that the photo does not slide off the wooden letter.

Handmade travel Christmas ornaments

Thoroughly coat each letter with coat of mod podge on the front and back to fully seal on the photo to the letter.  Also to dry completely.

DIY christmas word ornament

One dry, it is time to glue the letters together.  For this step, I flipped the letters upside down and arranged as desired.

Handmade travel christmas ornament made from a vacation photo-Rome

Next I took the glue gun and applied a dollop of hot glue to the seams of each letter to adhere them together.

Christmas ornament- travel memories

In order to hang the ornament on the tree I dug around my ribbon supply and found a brown ribbon to use. I tied a bow in the middle of the ribbon.

Handmade travel ornament

I then glued each end of the ribbon to the back of the word ornament.

DIY christmas ornament

Allow to dry and hang on the Christmas tree.  Now each year when we add this ornament to the tree we will remember our time in Rome.  I will be working on more travel ornaments and hope to share them soon.  Have you made any DIY ornaments lately?

DIY christmas ornament made from a photo

Making a Vacation Memory Christmas Ornament

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Being that I bought a few boxes of clear ornaments on sale last year, I decided to get crafty and make a DIY memory Christmas ornament. I love the idea of memorializing a trip we took and incorporating it into the holiday season.

Using sand from a vacation for a Christmas ornament

All that you will need for this project is a glass ball ornament, paint (I had both glass paint and puffy paint, but ended up only using the puffy paint on this one) and your memory item that you plan on putting inside the ornament.

diy christmas ornament

For me, the memory item was sand and shells collected from the beach in Maui just outside our condo during our Honeymoon.  I even found that great 1/2 a coconut on the beach and used it to keep the sand in on the way home inside a Ziploc bag.  Someday I will find a used for the coconut too.

Using sand for a Christmas ornament

To start off with this project I needed a funnel.  Unfortunately I do not have one so I grabbed some tin foil and made a quick and dirty version to help get the sand into the ornament.

Vacation Christmas Ornament

Once the majority of the sand was funneled in, I grabbed a few of the larger shells that could still fit and topped it off.

diy christmas ornaments

The last steps were to put the ornament topper back on and use my paint to write “Maui” and “2011” onto the ornament.

Using sand from a vacation for Christmas ornament

Once dry I simply tied on a ribbon for a festive look and hung the ornament on my tree.  I did this at the end of Christmas season last year, but never got around to sharing the tutorial. Alex & I wait until after Thanksgiving each year to decorate for Christmas, so no this is not our tree this year yet.  There you have it, a simple and unique way to take a walk down memory lane and decorate for the holidays.

how to make a memory Christmas ornament