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I don’t know anyone who likes moving. It is a pain packing up everything you own and carrying it in and out of a truck. Being that this was the 5th time in a little over 7 years that we moved, we have perfected our strategy and learned more each time. It is almost like a challenge to see how efficient and organized we can be. So, here are a few tips I learned along the way to make moving day less painful.

Moving Tip #1: Donate / throw away / give away as much as possible

Moving tip- Donate as much as possible

Get rid of the clutter early and often as soon as you know you are planning to move. There is no point in moving that box of old sweaters you have not opened since the last move 3 years ago or that old TV you keep unplugged in the spare room.

Moving tip #1- Donate as much as possible

Be really critical when looking at your clothing. Yes, that shirt was great when you bought it 5 years ago, but is it time to retire it? Sure you planned on wearing that dress to a wedding, but it never felt right and ended up living with the tags still on in the back of the closet ever since. Really purge and you will be a happier person during the move and after. This is the rare opportunity to take everything out and evaluate it’s worth. Plus you can use it as a tax ride off at the end of the year.

Moving Tip #2: Label boxes with contents and destination

Moving Tip #2- Clearly label all boxes

Labeling boxes with not only their content but destination is a great way to speed up the moving process on moving day. Now your friends and family members who got roped into helping do not have to ask where to take each box, they can just look at the label and drop the box off in that room. I always try to also have one descriptive label on each box to tell a bit more about what is inside. For example, a box marked “Kitchen” on top will also have a side label saying “Crock-pot, pot holders, utensils”. That way when it is time to unpack and you know where the major items are in a glance.

Moving Tip #3: Pack early and create a staging area

Moving Tip #3- Pack early in a staging area

The best way to alleviate the pre-move stress is to get as much done early as possible. Yes, there are a lot of items that need to be available in order to live normally for the last month before a move, but there are plenty of things you can do in advance. Pack up the less used items, go through the closets and organize, and create a staging area for fully packed and ready to go items. This can be a spare room, closets or just the corner of your living room. Get as much done early as you can, because the final pack and clean take enough time on their own.

Moving Tip #4: Find creative ways to move / pack efficiently

Packing Tips For Moving

Look to sites like Pinterest for ideas to make the move smoother. Simple things like using a zip-tie to group hangers or a large garbage bag to over coats and dresses to keep them clean make the process easier and helps prevent mishaps in the move.

No move is fun, but at least it can be easier. With all the pre-planning and organization, we were able to finish our move in about 3 hours…now let the unpacking begin!

I’m Back – Moving Day

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I’m back!!! The last few months I have been taking a break from the blog to dedicate my time to packing, moving and spending long hours working at my job. I had burnt out and really needed to recharge and focus, but after a nice break and a backlog of projects and photos I am ready to start writing again.

The big change for us has been moving into our first home at the end of June. How nice it is to finally have a garage for our cars, a yard for Wez and a place we can call our own.

Our New House!!

Getting the keys felt so good! For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@justtwocraftysisters), you may have seen this one already. Our new keys on our beautiful kitchen counter:

Moving into our new home

We had been in Santa Cruz for almost a week leading up to the move on a family vacation with Alex’s family and came back a day early to grab our keys and Continue reading »