Painting Our Kitchen Grey

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I am so far behind in posting our home painting progress!!  So far we have worked on the kitchen, guest bath and dining room, but I have yet to post any updates…crazy! So to start off, the first room we tackled with paint after moving in was our kitchen.  We had to decide on the right kitchen paint colors with white cabinets.

Our Kitchen Before

We loved the kitchen from day one and did not plan to do much to it.  The counter tops are beautiful and the white cabinets keep it light and open.  I had always envisioned my kitchen with dark wood cabinets, but more and more I loving the look of white.

Kitchen French Doors Before

I mean just look at that beautiful counter top with the white cabinets!

Kitchen Island Before

To start out with making it feel like our home, we knew that we would want to remove the wall paper back splash border, paint the walls and bring in new cabinet hardware.

Kitchen Before

So tackling the “easiest” project first, we went to work on the hardware. You will understand my sarcasm with using the word easiest soon…

Changing out kitchen knobs and pulls

After a quick trip to Ikea, we were back with new black pulls and knobs.  The knobs were only $4.99 for a pack of two and the pulls were $7.99 for a pack of two; so overall a cheap way to update the look.

New cabinet pulls and knobs from ikea

We quickly went to work removing all the old hardware, simple enough a process to do.

Changing out knobs and pulls

Then it was time to put on the new hardware.  While the knobs went on easily, we ran into a roadblock with the pulls.  Our current pulls were standard English measurements, but the new ones were metric. What does that mean?  Well, it meant that the holes did not quite line up, being off by like 1 centimeter.  So close, but so far.  Plus the screws they came with were too short to go through the cabinet and reach the pulls.  After 5 trips to different hardware stored we were finally able to scrounge up enough metric screws in the right length to work.

black knobs on white cabinets

We debated what to do about the mis-aligned holes, and opted to just use one of the holes as it was and screw in the second side right next to the old hole.  This means that our cabinet pulls are now off center by about 1 centimeter, but we decided that was an evil we can live with.

Updating kitchen knobs and pulls

And yes, there was a few days of debate and searching for screws, leaving us living with half finished cabinetry. During that time we also spent an hour or so removing the wall paper back splash.  I used the same fabric softener treatment to remove the wall paper and again it worked like a charm.

new kitchen knobs and pulls

Once that debacle finally was conquered, it was on to painting.  We decided on a nice neutral gray for the walls and we are planning to add in color in accessories.  I am thinking of citrus inspired colors like yellow, orange and lime green.

Painting the kitchen grey

For the walls we went with a semi-gloss paint being that the kitchen gets a lot of action. Our paint color of choice for this room was Behr in Dark Granite.  I know, I did my painting a little backwards, rolling the walls and then cutting it.  But it still turned out just fine and you cannot see any overlapping lines.

Painting the kitchen

Look at the difference a coat of paint and some new hardware can make!  It was Alex’s idea to go black on the cabinet hardware and I love it.  Makes it feel a little more modern and less country on the white cabinets.  Next on my list for this room is accessories, new rugs and a new light fixture.  We also changed out the hardware on the french doors to be silver and it looks great.

Newly painted kitchen - Work in progress

We still have some accessory shopping to do so I am using the rugs from our apartment, but with new towels, so it is an eclectic mess.  I will be back with more pictures soon once we get around to finishing it off.  Wezley and Augie don’t seem to mind, all they care about is getting treats while I am cooking our dinners :)

Grey kitchen

Painted Herb Garden Pots

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Kitchen Chalkboard

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