Easy Caramel Apples

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With the apples trees in full production mode and fall finally starting to show us signs of being here, it was time to have a fall family fest; meaning bratwursts and sauerkraut for dinner, a fresh apple crisp made by Mom, beer brewing for the boys, picking out our pumpkins and making caramel apples. Last year we went a little crazy and tried homemade caramel and candied apples. The caramel ones turned out great, but the kids lost patience when it took hours of slow simmering to get the caramel just right. As for the candied apples, let’s just say that they were not very appetizing with a distinct burnt flavor and brown color. Maybe someday I will try my hand at candied apples again, but this year we decided to keep it easy and fun for the kids by doing simple caramel apples with store bought caramel.

Caramel Apples for Halloween

Instead of making full sized caramel apples, we opted for the easier to eat slices on a stick.  We started out by picking a few apples and cutting them up into slices.  Next we grabbed some lollipop sticks I had on hand from making cake pops and stuck one into each slice. Make sure to get them in fairly deep to ensure that the apple will stay on the stick when being dipped.

Caramel Apples for Halloween

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