New House Tour

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You know when you buy that amazing new pair of shoes or that fantastic new purse and all you want to do is show them off to everyone you meet? Well I have that feeling x10 to show off our new house. Whose ready for our a tour?!?!

The Front Yard:

Our New Home!

Our plan:

  1. Trim branches off the tree overhanging the roof
  2. Add some color in the form of flowers, etc.
  3. Change out the house numbers
  4. Add a bench or somehow utilize the space to the left of the front door
  5. Maybe change up the color of the front door?
  6. Way down the road, maybe new comp roof too?

The Kitchen:

Kitchen Island Before

Our Kitchen Before

Kitchen Fridge Before

Kitchen French Doors Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Change out the pulls on the cabinets
  3. New light fixture near the door
  4. Add pops of citrus: yellow, orange and/or green
  5. New rugs
  6. Remove wall paper back splash and add paint or tile
  7. New refrigerator

The Master Bedroom:

Master Suite Before

Master Bedroom Suite Before

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bed Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Wood/Laminate/Tile floors – still deciding
  3. Change out the beige plugs for white
  4. Window coverings (blackout curtains), maybe remove the boxes over the windows too?
  5. Fan with light instead of light only
  6. Silver handles/hinges
  7. Small office set up on one side of the room?
  8. King bed and new dressers
  9. New artwork on the walls

The Master Closet:

Master Closet Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint to match bedroom
  2. Organize
  3. Flooring to match bedroom

The Master Bathroom:

Master Bathroom Before

Master Bath Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint walls
  2. New pulls/knobs on cabinets (maybe teal?)
  3. Floor to match bedroom? Or new tile?
  4. I would love a tile wall behind the sinks someday…
  5. Shelving behind the toilet
  6. Silver rods, towel racks etc.
  7. Maybe new light?
  8. Someday I would love to update the shower stall to subway tile throughout

The Dining Room:

Main Living Space Before

Dining Room Lighting Before

Hallway Between Dining and Family Room Before

Dining Room Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint the walls/ceiling (I am LOVING the idea of Navy right now!)
  2. New flooring (same throughout house)
  3. Update window coverings and maybe remove the boxes over the windows
  4. Faux rock (like AirStone) finish on the wall under the bar area
  5. Remove wall paper in arch over fireplace
  6. Re-finish the fireplace/mantel
  7. New light fixture
  8. Buy a sideboard
  9. Update our dining table by painting it for now, and eventually buy a new dining set
  10. Take out the partial wall between dining and living room

The Living Room:

Main Living Area Before

Family Room Before

Our Plan: 

  1. New flooring (same as throughout house)
  2. Paint walls/ceiling
  3. DVD storage with doors
  4. Entry/Console table & art
  5. Figure out how to utilize the space between the back of the couch and the kitchen

The Laundry Room:

Laundry Room Before

Our Plan:

  1. New washer & dryer
  2. Paint walls
  3. Maybe add table top to washer and dryer
  4. Maybe tile wall behind units?

The Guest Room #1:

Guest Bedroom #1 Before

Guest Room #1 Before

The Plan:

  1. Paint walls/ceilings
  2. Window coverings
  3. Lamp (only light is hot switch)
  4. Replace outlets for while ones
  5. New flooring
  6. Create crafting space in half the room/guest room in other half

The Guest Room #2:

Guest Room #2 Before

Our Plan:

  1. Paint walls
  2. New flooring
  3. Not sure what else yet…..

The Guest Bathroom:

Guest Bath Vanity Before

Guest Bath Toliet Before

Guest Bath Room Before

Guest Bath Before

Our Plan:

  1. Remove wall paper & paint walls
  2. Paint cabinets
  3. Add pulls/knobs to cabinets
  4. Replace light fixture
  5. Replace outlets with white ones
  6. New silver towel racks, etc.
  7. New shower curtain & rugs
  8. Silver door handle & hinges (throughout house)
  9. Artwork on the walls

The Back Yard:

Gazebo in Yard Before

Gazebo Before

Backyard Before

Back Yard Before

Back Yard Arbor Side Before

Our Plan:

  1. Build a dog house
  2. Add bamboo privacy to fences
  3. Create BBQ area
  4. Next year…re-paint gazebo
  5. New year…have a small garden

I’m Back – Moving Day

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I’m back!!! The last few months I have been taking a break from the blog to dedicate my time to packing, moving and spending long hours working at my job. I had burnt out and really needed to recharge and focus, but after a nice break and a backlog of projects and photos I am ready to start writing again.

The big change for us has been moving into our first home at the end of June. How nice it is to finally have a garage for our cars, a yard for Wez and a place we can call our own.

Our New House!!

Getting the keys felt so good! For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@justtwocraftysisters), you may have seen this one already. Our new keys on our beautiful kitchen counter:

Moving into our new home

We had been in Santa Cruz for almost a week leading up to the move on a family vacation with Alex’s family and came back a day early to grab our keys and Continue reading »

Our First Home

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Things are finally looking up in our quest for our first home!  In a few short months we will be the proud owners of this beauty!!

New Home

Let me start with a little background on our home search.  The housing market here has been insane!  We started looking in the beginning of October, with hopes of being in our new home by March 31st.  We quickly learned that this would not go as smoothly as it does on all the home shows on HGTV.  First off, right now in our area of California it is a seller’s market.  Interest rates are low and home prices are starting to turn back up at a rate of about 15% over last year.  The increased demand to buy right now is only hindered by the lack of available properties on the market. This shortage has only gotten worse the last few months with homes selling in under a week.  CRAZY. So far we had found 4 homes we liked and put offers in on, only to be crushed each time we did not win the bidding war.  It is hard to compete with cash investors snapping up the few homes out there.

In all this frustration and turmoil, we have finally had a beacon of light shined upon us.  After going out to lunch last week, my Uncle called me to let us know they are considering selling their house.  This house is exactly what what we were looking for; 3 bed, 2 bath, open concept, updated, immaculately cared for, great neighborhood, near parks and near a good elementary school for the future. After discussing it a bit more over the weekend, we came to an agreement and we are starting the process of buying our first home!!  It is going to be about 5 months before we move in to give them time their new home to be built, but I could not be more excited for what the future holds.  Expect to see planning and mood boards coming soon as we start planning out how to make our furniture work in the space and make the house our own. :)