Kiwi Green Glass Rectangle Earrings

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Here is a goodie from a few years back when I used to have my Holly’s Handmade Etsy shop open.  I love these brilliant green beauties, and they are super easy to make too!

Kiwi Green Earrings


Wedding Week: Bridal Jewelry

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The prospect of making my own bridal jewelry was both exciting and frightening.  I have been making jewelry since I was a young child and got into wire jewelry and had a shop in etsy about 4 years ago, so it made sense that I would give it a go.  But the fear of messing up when it was for my wedding day kept we awake at night!

Wedding Jewelry

So I searched different designs and bought numerous beads in shades of brown, cream and pink trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to make.  Then I found it… Continue reading »