Making a Vacation Memory Christmas Ornament

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Being that I bought a few boxes of clear ornaments on sale last year, I decided to get crafty and make a DIY memory Christmas ornament. I love the idea of memorializing a trip we took and incorporating it into the holiday season.

Using sand from a vacation for a Christmas ornament

All that you will need for this project is a glass ball ornament, paint (I had both glass paint and puffy paint, but ended up only using the puffy paint on this one) and your memory item that you plan on putting inside the ornament.

diy christmas ornament

For me, the memory item was sand and shells collected from the beach in Maui just outside our condo during our Honeymoon.  I even found that great 1/2 a coconut on the beach and used it to keep the sand in on the way home inside a Ziploc bag.  Someday I will find a used for the coconut too.

Using sand for a Christmas ornament

To start off with this project I needed a funnel.  Unfortunately I do not have one so I grabbed some tin foil and made a quick and dirty version to help get the sand into the ornament.

Vacation Christmas Ornament

Once the majority of the sand was funneled in, I grabbed a few of the larger shells that could still fit and topped it off.

diy christmas ornaments

The last steps were to put the ornament topper back on and use my paint to write “Maui” and “2011” onto the ornament.

Using sand from a vacation for Christmas ornament

Once dry I simply tied on a ribbon for a festive look and hung the ornament on my tree.  I did this at the end of Christmas season last year, but never got around to sharing the tutorial. Alex & I wait until after Thanksgiving each year to decorate for Christmas, so no this is not our tree this year yet.  There you have it, a simple and unique way to take a walk down memory lane and decorate for the holidays.

how to make a memory Christmas ornament

Winter Cake Pops

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With the cold temperatures outside this week, I figured now was a great time to show off the cake pops I made for Little G’s birthday back in December.  She had requested pink cake pops, and how can you turn down the cutest 3 year old niece?  Since she is a December baby (like me) I went ahead and made her cake pops winter themed :)

Pink & Blue Holiday Cake Pops

I decided to make these ones chocolate, after my fiasco with Funfetti Cake on Big C’s puppy cake pops.  The cake balls held up like I expected and I had a much better time making these ones this time.  I had planned on doing pink and speckled white, but the white speckled candy melts I bought caused the same problems as Funfetti cake, so after a couple failed attempts I switched the light blue and pink.  

Here are the chocolate cake balls ready to be dipped.  If you have never made cake pops before, check out my tutorial on how to make cake pops.

Making chocolate cake pops
I was able to find some great festive supplies at Joann’s including candy snowflakes, white sprinkles, and candy cane sprinkles.

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Felt Flower Tree Skirt Tutorial

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This year for Christmas I decided to tackle one momentous project I really have wanted to get done for years; to hand-make a tree skirt. A while ago I saw this beautiful flower tree skirt and nearly gagged when I saw the price tag of $350! Yikes!! With a little ingenuity and elbow grease I knew I could make a tree skirt I would truly love and that would be one of a kind.

DIY felt flower Christmas tree skirt tutorial

I am so happy with how it turned out! This was a very time-consuming and detailed project, so if you are planning to make it be sure to leave yourself plenty of time before Christmas. There are about 120 hand-sewn flowers alone on this tree skirt and each one has to be hand stitched onto the tree skirt once you make them. So, here is my tutorial on how to make a felt flower tree skirt.


Step 1: Start making your flowers. Take your felt material and cut out four hourglass-like petals. They do not have to be exactly the same size and shape, but keep them fairly similar. Continue reading »

Our Holiday “Mantel”

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This year I had big plans for the holidays.  From making a handmade tree skirt and decorating the house and tree, to making stockings and baking.  Not all my plans are coming through as time keeps slipping by.  One item I decided skip was making stockings, so instead I went by Target and found some cute ones to upgrade our old dollar tree stockings.  Once i had them in hand it was time to decorate our bookshelf…er…mantel :)

Holiday ornament garland Tutorial

The grey stocking is for Alex, the red one is mine and the green one is for Wezley.  While I was at it I bought a bunch of their plastic ornaments to make a ornament swag to help spruce up our faux mantel.  It is amazing how many ball ornaments one of these ornament garlands take. Another cheap way to get lots of ornaments is to buy them on Amazon, like these 96ct Silver Splendor Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments 1.5″ (40mm).

Tutorial on how to make a holiday ornament garland

I bought 5 of the five dollar ball ornament packages in an assortment of silvers, reds and greens.  To make this garland all you will need are ball ornament, wire (I used floral wire), and clippers or scissors. Continue reading »

Holiday Holly Wreath

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly! I love being named after a prickly bush with poisonous berries haha. At least it is great for holiday decorating though :) This year I made a wreath of fresh holly to spruce up our house.

How to make a festive Holly Wreath

I am lucky that my parents have about 8 large holly plants growing along the path between their house and Mel’s house, so I get harvest for free. After visiting for Thanksgiving, I came home with a large bag of fresh cut boughs. Once cut the holly will last for a few weeks before drying out, so this was great timing to start my holiday decorating.

Using Holly in Decorating

To make my wreath I bought a 12 inch wire wreath frame at Joann’s and grabbed my beading clippers and floral wire that I already had in my craft supplies drawers.  Along with the holly, this is all you will need to make the wreath. Continue reading »

Holiday Entertaining: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

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I know chalkboard wine glasses have been all the rage on Pinterest.  I decided to do a twist on the classic chalkboard wine glass to create a great festive wine glass for celebrating the holidays.

Christmas Wine Glasses

These glasses are really simple to make.  First I went to World Market and bought four of their wine glasses on sale for only 99 cents each.  Next I ran by Joann’s and got traditional green chalkboard paint along with red and white gloss enamel glass paint.  Once you have all the materials on hand, it is time to get started.

DIY Christmas Wine Glasses

Step 1: Pour some of your chalkboard paint into a container large enough to dip the base of a wine glass into.  I chose to use an old tupperware that was the perfect size. Continue reading »