Holiday Entertaining: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

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I know chalkboard wine glasses have been all the rage on Pinterest.  I decided to do a twist on the classic chalkboard wine glass to create a great festive wine glass for celebrating the holidays.

Christmas Wine Glasses

These glasses are really simple to make.  First I went to World Market and bought four of their wine glasses on sale for only 99 cents each.  Next I ran by Joann’s and got traditional green chalkboard paint along with red and white gloss enamel glass paint.  Once you have all the materials on hand, it is time to get started.

DIY Christmas Wine Glasses

Step 1: Pour some of your chalkboard paint into a container large enough to dip the base of a wine glass into.  I chose to use an old tupperware that was the perfect size. Continue reading »

Easy Fall Table Decor

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With the weather still over 90 degrees, it is not feeling like fall yet.  I am ready for the chilly night air, crisp mornings and changing leaves of autumn to come!  In the meantime, I dressed up our table for fall so that I can pretend it is here.

Fall Decor

The first thing I did was run over the Joann’s for some burlap fabric to create a table runner.  In order to eliminate waste, I simply folded the fabric in half and tied a cute ribbon bow in each end.  By not cutting the burlap I can now use it for a future projects too!  I bought 3 yards to cover the table and leave plenty hanging over each end. Burlap table runners are really popular for rustic weddings right now, but i really think they have a great fall appeal too and add texture to decorating!

Chalkboard placemats

Once the runner was down, I quickly worked on creating four chalkboard placemats.   Continue reading »

Kitchen Chalkboard

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Something I have wanted for quite a while is a chalkboard menu board for my kitchen. Every weekend we plan out the meals for the week and get our grocery shopping done, only for Monday to come around we can’t remember what we had planned in the first place.  So off the store I went for a fun Sunday project. I picked up chalkboard paint and a foam brush and roller, then headed over to Home Depot for  a piece of thin wood (they will cut it to any size for you in the store) and some sand paper to round out the edges.   Continue reading »