Button Bracelet Tutorial

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As you all know, I have a small…ok large obsession with buttons.  I love their versatility in projects like my button bib necklace or the framed button letters I made for my nieces. This time around I made myself a button ribbon bracelet with white buttons and purple ribbon.

Button Bracelet

There seems to be this popular image of a button bracelet floating around Pinterest for months, but I have yet to find a tutorial for it in English. Such a cute brown and pink bracelet, I just had to try to recreate it! Continue reading »

Button Letter Kid’s Names

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Happy Easter! This year for Easter I decided to use some of the leftover burlap from my wedding and break into that stash of random buttons to make a framed button letter for each of my nieces. I was able to find these cute Easter baskets at CVS and here is the final product!

Easter Baskets with Framed Button Letters

I know this is going to be more of a gift for my sister than the little girls, so I made a point to fill plastic eggs with candy for Clementine and Georgia.  Claire is only going to be a few days old on Easter, so no candy for her this year. :) I had found this great inspiration of a brightly colored button letter C framed on black paper a while ago on Pinterest (see my pin of it here).  Here is the process of how I made my framed button letters:

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DIY Button Necklace

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My latest obsession has been buttons!  I mean how amazing are buttons and the million uses they have in crafts?  I really wanted to make a button necklace, but after searching high and low I could not find a tutorial anywhere.  Since I had a vision in my mind and a knack for jewelry making, I figured I would give it a try.  After some frustration and many revisions I finally figured it out!  So, to make it easier on everyone else out there I put together a quick tutorial on how to make this button necklace.  Looking to just purchase one instead?  Contact me at justtwocraftysisters@gmail.com, and I can make you a custom order on Etsy :) Continue reading »