Living Room Makeover

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Our living room was in need of a serious change.  We were longing to be able to seat more than 3 people in our living room. Between the hodge podge collection of hand-me-down furniture, we were lacking a cohesive look. Living in an apartment has its drawbacks; not being allowed to paint the walls, limiting the number of holes in the walls and being stuck with floor materials and color.  Making the best of of the situation, we were able to modernize and make our living room a lot more “us” with updating furniture and artwork.  Ready for a sneak peak of the before and after?



I am so happy with the transformation :) Sorry the before picture is so awful!  I got so excited with starting the makeover that I forgot to snap a picture before throwing out the old couch and recliner, and had to rely on an old photo from Alex’s phone when we first moved in.  Not much had changed in the look since then, except for 3 photos we hung on the wall behind the couch and we had updated the coffee table by decoupaging photos on it. Continue reading »

Coffee Table Makeover

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Our old Ikea Lack coffee table had definitely seen better days.  After lots of usage, the top was all scratched up and bubbled in places from condensation on cups.  The plain light wood color also left us bored and uninspired, so we decided it was time for a coffee table transformation.

We are waiting until we buy a house in order to get all new living room furniture, so we are looking at this as a temporary rejuvenation. Decoupaged table tops are not going to last forever with heavy usage, but look great in the short run. Continue reading »