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I was so excited last week to hear the announcement for the Winter Pinterest Challenge! This challenge was the brain child of two fabulous bloggers (Sherry & Katie) and each time they invite two additional bloggers to help host. The point of the challenge is simple, stop pinning and start doing.  Pick a project you pinned and you have been putting off and get busy.

A big shout out to our fabulous hosts this time around:

For this time around I am FINALLY diving into a project on my new sewing machine.  I have been eyeballing this adorable bow clutch that I pinned (my pin) to my sewing board months ago, way before I even owned a sewing machine.  This project comes from the creative mind of Whitney at Elm Street Life.  She wrote a fantastic step-by-step tutorial showing how she made this lovely clutch.  So here is the final product:

DIY Bow Clutch Sewing Tutorial

I am so happy with how it turned out being this was the first project I have ever made on a sewing machine.  It is not perfect but I love it!  I bought all my fabric from

Orders of $35 & up Ships Free.

The exterior green is European Linen Fabric Fig and the inside liner is Kona Cotton Meringue.  I got the zipper, thread and interfacing at Joann’s.  I bought more supplies to make this again in purple with pink liner too! 

This will be my third time around participating.  My past challenge projects include the Fall Challenge with my  Shell Bib Necklace

DIY Bib Necklace Tutorial

and the Summer Challenge with my Canvas Wall Map.

Finished Map Canvas

Keep and eye out this week for a full tutorial on my experience making this cute clutch.  Here is one more picture to enjoy before the full tutorial is posted:

DIY Bow Clutch Sewing Tutorial

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2 thoughts on “Winter Pinterest Challenge: Bow Clutch

    • Thanks Emily! This was literally the first time I have ever used a sewing machine and it was pretty simple. It took me about a week to make, but only because I got an hour here or there after work and was learning the machine in the process. I think it would be a great gift to make for bridesmaids! I will post my tutorial this week :)

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