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Once the decision was made to re-design our living room and purchase our first real couch together, we went right to work researching and pricing options.  After seeing a few options way out of our price range, we found what we hoped to be the perfect sectional couch for us, the Karlstad sectional from Ikea.  I really liked the overall look of it, but was not a fan of the boring light color wood legs.  I immediately told Alex, “I could totally spray paint them black and it would look sooo much better!” Not 5 minutes later while searching for online reviews, he came across my favorite blog Young House Love and discovered that not only did Sherry and John have this same sectional and rave about it a year later, but they also painted the legs of theirs and it looked awesome!

Decision was made, we were getting this sectional and painting the legs to classy it up :)

First we had to remove the legs from our sectional and ottoman.


Look at how low the couch is without it’s legs!  We had to live with it like this for a couple days while I worked on the legs and let them dry.  Wezley didn’t seem to mind the change, in fact I think he liked it being easy to jump on and off the couch :)


Being that I could not get the pads to pull off nicely, I simply took scotch tape and stuck a layer of tape over each pad. This prevented them from soaking up paint and causing problems on the carpet.

Tape over couch feet

I then took the legs outside to sand them down.  I really wanted to make sure the paint will stay, so i chose to sand and primer my legs before spray painting them. You can see the difference in shine in this photo.  The one on the right is pre-sanding and the one on the left is post-sanding.  Taking that thin coat of polish off the legs made a huge difference in helping the paint adhere.

Sanded legs

Once all the legs were nicely sanded it was time to prime! I used a quick coat of Krylon Primer in gray and sprayed them out on my balcony in a well ventilated area.

Priming the legs

After allowing them to dry for about an hour, it was time to get their color on!  Over the course of the next few hours I applied about 3 thin coats of Flat Black to each leg.  The key to spray paint is patience (which is exceptionally hard for me) and applying multiple thin coats to prevent running. While I was at it, I used some of the extra spray paint to touch up our photo collage coffee table and spruce up our ottoman tray too. I then left them outside for over 24 hours to dry and eliminate the spray paint fumes from entering our house.

Painted Couch Legs

The look before painting…

Living room in progress

And the results after…


I can’t get over how much better and high-end this couch looks with the black legs!! Want to see more of our living room makeover? Click here.

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