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For my pretty niece Clem’s 5th birthday, she requested a pet theme party, that morphed into a puppy theme party.  I offered to be in charge of desserts and immediately did some searches on Pinterest to get inspired on cute puppy themed treats.  I knew for sure I wanted to tackle cake pops again, and found a few great ideas.  Here are my puppy cake pops!

Puppy Party Cake Pops

They did not turn out exactly as I was planning due to a few technical errors, but overall they were a hit :)  For the basics on making cake pops, check out my post how to make cake pops.  For this batch I chose to use “funfetti” cake and frosting, and that may have been my biggest mistake.  I love the taste of funfetti cake, but I think it weakened the cake balls and made for a huge headache.  I had a serious meltdown in the kitchen.  Each time I stuck a cake ball on the stick and started dipping it in the melts, it would start breaking and sliding down the stick. My solution after cursing and throwing a few things…make the cake pops ball side down.

Puppy Party

I was able to use a spoon to relieve the weight and the balls stayed intact.  The candy coating is not as smooth as I would like, but at least they are staying together and once dry they seemed to hold ok.  And they tasted great! Once all my cake pops were dipped, I got to work making the accessories to make them cute little doggies.  I found this great tip from Bakerella for making the dog ears. She said to pipe the chocolate candy melt into plastic spoons and place in the freezer for a few minutes.  Then just pop them out and use a little more melt to attach to the cake pop.  Genius!! They worked perfectly!  For the faces I just used an unmelted candy melt and used gel icing to draw on the snout.

Puppy Party

Once assembled, I used a bit more of the gel icing to draw on the eyes.  This stuff worked great and was super fun (I got black sparkly gel icing).  The only problem it that it never dries, so you have to be super careful in transit not to let the cake pops touch each other or anything else.  Look at that sparkle!

Puppy Party

I really like the look of variety so I made a point to mix up the colors of ears, heads and snouts between the cake pops so that each puppy pop was unique.  All the hard work was worth it to see the look on the kids faces :)  Here are the cake pops sitting out on our outdoor dessert bar.  As you can see I made 17 puppy pops and then dipped the remaining pops in blue and green to match the party colors.  At the end of the bar are puppy themed sugar cookies.

Puppy Party

Puppy cake pops!  Happy Birthday Clem :)

Puppy Party

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