Pretty Waterlogue April Challenge

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Who wants an opportunity to try out another great photo app and have some fun on Instagram?!? Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl threw down the Pretty Waterlogue Challenge on her blog yesterday and I have decided to pick up the torch and give it a go.  I mean who doesn’t love a good photo challenge and getting to use a fun photo app like Waterlogue?  Just look at how the pictures turn out:

Waterlogue Sample

This challenge is to take a new picture or use an already loved picture each day during April and convert it into a watercolor image using the the Waterlogue app (it costs $2.99 on the iphone).  We are then to share the picture each day on Instagram with the tags @prettyhandygirl and #prettywaterlogueapril.

I am so excited and hopeful that this will help me to come up with some great new art to use in our home and meet a few new people on Instagram.  And this challenge could not come at a better time either.  We are heading out to New York for a few days later in the month, so I will have ample pictures to use and share.  YAY!

Join in the fun with us.  Follow me on Instagram @justtwocraftysisters and Brittany @prettyhandygirl and share your beautiful art too!  Thanks for the challenge!

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