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It was sure starting to feel like spring, with temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s last week!  I decided I would get a jump start on my apartment balcony herb garden by getting my pots ready.  It is still too early to plant my herb garden I think, but once spring is here I’ll be ready!  I keep joking with Alex that if I make the pots super cute, maybe this time I will keep the herb garden alive for more than a month :)

While browsing the aisles at Jo-Ann craft store I found the basic ceramic pots I wanted, and right in the same section they had a display of outdoor patio paint for use on ceramic materials.  I decided to use very spring like shades of yellow, blue and green.

This part of my project was really quite easy.  I decided to paint the base of each pot and its upper band different colors to and keep it fun I alternated between the 3 paint colors I had purchased.  This paint dried really quickly so I was able to paint 2 pots and by that time return to the first one and do a second coat.  For the yellow color I needed 3 coats to make the color as vibrant.  Once all pots had their first color painted I came back and did the upper bands and touch up work.





Once dry, I grabbed some metallic black puff paint and painted the name of each herb onto each pot.  I originally planned to use paint and a brush, but found puff paint to be much easier to control when trying to write.  Now these pots are ready to be planted this spring for our balcony herb garden!  Here is a close-up of each:


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One thought on “Painted Herb Garden Pots

  1. I LOVE THIS!! Such a good idea, my herbs are going a little crazy right now so I think I need to pot them instead of having them in a bed. I am going to do this, it is so cute!

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