Navy Dining Room in Progress

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We have been working non-stop on the house in our free time lately; painting, painting and more painting.  We are starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel with only a couple rooms to go, but let me back up a bit and share some navy dining room progress. Back in September I shared how we removed the wall paper in the arch over the fireplace, which we did immediately, and then nothing changed for a while.

Dining room fireplace before

After going back to view my navy dining room mood board I grabbed a few paint samples and picked the perfect shade of navy; Behr’s Peaceful Night.  And wow, what a difference it makes to this room.

Dining room fireplace- in progress

Before painting we decided to take down the window boxes.  I envision tall white or beige curtains and a more modern feel, so the wooden window boxes were out.  They have been painted over a few times so they did not remove cleanly, but after a quick Spackle job the wall was as good as new.

Prepping dining room for navy paint

Next I quickly taped off the windows and floor board.  We plan on putting in new flooring and in the process also getting new floor boards, but that may be a few months out and I did not want the floor boards to look tacky in the meantime.  We plan on painting the ceiling light grey, so no need to tape it off.

DIning room prepper to paint Navy

Here is the wall after one coat.  As you can see, doing such a dark color required two coats to get the depth of color.  Thanks goodness we opted for paint and primer in one, or this might have been a 3 coat job!

Navy paint needs a second coat in our dining room

I am loving the change in color, so bold but still inviting. And the yellowed map really pops on these walls, so I think it may have found its new home.

Large accent wall in dining room in progress

Still to do:

  • Paint the fireplace white
  • Paint the ceiling gray
  • Re-tile the fireplace
  • Remove carpet and install wood laminate floors
  • Buy a sideboard to replace bookshelf
  • Window coverings
  • Re-paint table (quick fix until we invest in a larger table and plush chairs)
  • New light fixture over table
  • Mirror above fireplace?
  • Artwork on wall
  • Accent wall under bar?  Wood planks? Air Stone?
  • Nice large floor rug
  • Maybe new tall bar bar stools?

Wow….that list was longer than I was thinking it would be!  Quite a ways to go still, but I am loving the progress I see happening.

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