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Something I have wanted for quite a while is a chalkboard menu board for my kitchen. Every weekend we plan out the meals for the week and get our grocery shopping done, only for Monday to come around we can’t remember what we had planned in the first place.  So off the store I went for a fun Sunday project. I picked up chalkboard paint and a foam brush and roller, then headed over to Home Depot for  a piece of thin wood (they will cut it to any size for you in the store) and some sand paper to round out the edges.  To get started I painted the entire front of my board with chalkboard paint, waited until it dried, repeated with a second and then third coat.  While waiting for it to dry each time, I worked on creating a stencil for all the letters on my chalkboard.  Once dry, I used cream paint to trace on the letters and then painted each letter with a sealant coat to make it look shiny.  It is now up in our kitchen and working great!! I can’t help but think it is a bit unfinished…maybe a distressed frame with a little shelf to keep the chalk and eraser for my next project?

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One thought on “Kitchen Chalkboard

  1. I love it. Keep the ideas coming I will definitely be upgrading my old computer desk with the picture idea. Thanks a bunch for sharing. :)

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