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Deck the halls with boughs of holly! I love being named after a prickly bush with poisonous berries haha. At least it is great for holiday decorating though :) This year I made a wreath of fresh holly to spruce up our house.

How to make a festive Holly Wreath

I am lucky that my parents have about 8 large holly plants growing along the path between their house and Mel’s house, so I get harvest for free. After visiting for Thanksgiving, I came home with a large bag of fresh cut boughs. Once cut the holly will last for a few weeks before drying out, so this was great timing to start my holiday decorating.

Using Holly in Decorating

To make my wreath I bought a 12 inch wire wreath frame at Joann’s and grabbed my beading clippers and floral wire that I already had in my craft supplies drawers.  Along with the holly, this is all you will need to make the wreath.

How to make a Holly Wreath

Step 1: Taking my first sprig of holly, I clipped off the excess stem past the leaves.  I then laid it onto the wire wreath frame. The holly can be quite prickly so be very careful working with it.

DIY Holly Wreath Tutorial

Step 2:  Taking a piece of floral wire, I secured the sprig of holly.  I wrapped it with wire multiple times and in different places to make sure the piece of holly was securely attached.

Holly Wreath

Step 3:  Next repeat this process moving along the wreath frame adding more pieces of holly plant. Make sure to overlap your holly to cover the wreath frame as much as possible.

Making a Holly Wreath for the Holidays

Step 4: About halfway through I switched the direction in which I was laying down the holly boughs to make sure the berries and leaves were not all in the same direction.  This gives it more of a full, natural and sporadic look. There you have it! A very simple holly wreath. It is great for hanging on your outside door or can be used as a centerpiece on a festive table.

Holly Wreath Tutorial

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