Holiday Decorating: Glittery Acorns

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Happy Holidays!!!  I am so excited to be decorating this year in our new house :) I knew I wanted to do a holiday decorating  project with some sparkle, and I got this idea while browsing Pinterest. The acorn idea is from stacywinters on Etsy who makes and sells these cute gold glittered acorns, and i figured with all the acorns falling in our yard and the ridiculous surplus of glitters I own, this could be a great free project to do this holiday season.

Glitter acorns

Cute right? A little rustic meets a little glam.  To start off this project you will need to have access to acorns.  In our new backyard there is an oak tree hanging over from the street that was full of beautiful large acorns.  As the weather turned colder, they began to fall into our yard.  As long as I collected daily, because the pups love to chew the acorns up as soon as they find them, I was able to get a nice large collection.

Fall decorating with acorns

Next I removed any acorn caps that had not naturally fallen off.  Taking my exact-o knife, I drilled a tiny hole into each cap.  You could use a power tool, but since the caps are so thin, I found it easy to just twist the tip of the knife through.

Making glitter acorns caps

Make sure the hole is drilled all the way though and large enough to fit string through later to hang them.

Fall decorating with gilttered acorns

Once the hole was drilled, I grabbed my trusty Mod Podge and a paint brush.  Next I covered the acorn cap with a nice coating of Mod Podge.  You could really use any glue product for this step, and I used what I had on hand that thought would work well.

Making glitter acorns

While the Mod Podge was still wet, I grabbed my silver glitter and sprinkled it all over the acorn lid, making sure it was thoroughly coated.

Holiday glitter acorns

Set aside to dry and continue the process with your remaining acorn lids.

Making glitter cap acorns

I just love how much they sparkle!  Give the acorn lids a few hours to make sure completely dry.  I allowed mine to sit over night before moving on the the next step.

How to make glitter acorns

Now you will need to scrounge up string and scissors.  I used red embroidery floss, but if you are going more rustic you use twine. I varied the way each was hung, making some only one per stand and other, like the string below, designed to hang two acorns from.

Fall decorating with glittery acorns

The process from here is pretty easy, using a large tapestry needle, I threaded the ribbon into the acorn lid.

Holiday glitter acorn tree decoration

Next I tied a knot to make it secure.

Holiday glitter acorn decorations

Then I took my hot glue gun and placed a dollop of glue int he acorn lid, making sure to cover the string knot for extra hold.

Christmas glitter acorns

I then placed the cap on the acorn, holding for a moment to secure.  Make sure to not add too much glue each time or it can ooze out of the cap and onto the acorn.  After a minute or so, they are ready to hang!

Making glitter acorns for the holidays

Fall decorating with giltter acorns

Glitter acorns for fall

These acorns are so pretty and great as a stand alone decoration using a vase with tree branches.  They can also be used as Christmas tree ornaments or as cute accessories tied to a Christmas present.  For now, our are adorning the entry table by the front door as a cute rustic “tree”.

Fall decorating with a giltter acorn tree



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