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Happy Holidays!!  I could not wait to start my holiday decorating this year.  Immediately after Thanksgiving I was ready to break out the Christmas boxes and get to decorating, starting with our Christmas mantel.  I don’t know if it is just the fact that I love Christmas or being in our home for the first year, but I was so happy to be decorating for the season.

Holiday mantel stockings

With the freshly painted walls and mantel (more on that here and here), I kept the mantel pretty simple.  First thing I did was dig through the box to see what we were working with.  I had the ornament swag that I made last year for our faux bookshelf mantel.  It was a bit short for the new mantel, but by placing it in the middle and adding a candle to each end, it actually looks pretty good.  And at no cost I gotta love that!  Maybe in a future year I will buy more ornaments and make a longer, dramatic swag.

Snowflake wreath holiday mantel

We still had the stockings from Target last year (Wez & Augie are going to share), but I had two stocking hangers from dollar tree that are hideous.  So after browsing the aisle of Target, we settled on getting 3 unique stocking hangers, the star, the tree and my favorite, the silver deer.  At $10 each, they make the mantel a lot more sophisticated.

Silver reindeer stocking holder

Next up, I did a quick DIY project and made a snowflake wreath for above the mantel.  I will share the tutorial soon.  It only took about 45 minutes to whip up and I love the contrast of stark white on the deep navy walls.

Holiday festive mantel

So there you have it!  Our first real Christmas mantel.  Now to finish decorating the tree, getting up a few more outside lights and enjoying the season :)  After that is is back to finishing the house, like maybe adding curtains to those poor bare windows around the fireplace.

Holiday decorating and festive mantel

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