Wedding Week: Hay Couches/Mr. & Mrs. Pillows

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While searching for rustic ideas to incorporate into our wedding, I came across Elizabeth Anne Designs blog and fell in love with the look and feel of her post about a Knoxville Farm Wedding.  I especially loved the use of hay bales for seating areas, and decided I wanted to use hay for our wedding too.  At first I planned on hay for the ceremony seating, but after finding out it is really not the cheapest thing, I decided to make couches for seating areas around the gazebo dance floor instead.

Hay Couches and Mr. & Mrs. PillowsImage by Shepard Photography

Knowing that hay/straw bales are quite scratchy and that many our our guests would be in dresses, we decided to cover the hay bales with fabric.  At first we talked about quilts, but I really wanted a cleaner, simple look.  I found a good amount of linen, beige fabric in the remnant bin at Joann’s and it worked perfectly!

Hay Bale Couches

We used six bales to make this couch, four in an arch shape to sit on, and two set up on their sides behind the middle two bales to create the back of the couch.  With the amount of fabric I found we were only able to cover the middle two sections with backs, but I loved the overall look.  We then dressed it up by adding throw pillows.  The brown ones were from Target and the Mr. & Mrs. pillows were hand sewn by me.

Mr & Mrs Pillows

Being that I don’t have a sewing machine yet I had to sew each pillow the old fashion way…by hand.  I first cut 4 pieces of my fabric 14″ x 14″.  I then took two of them and used brown craft paint to write on the Mr. & Mrs. Flipping the pieces inside out, I stitched them together, flipped them right side out, stuffed them and did a quick whip stitch to close off the last opening.  Wonder what we are doing with the pillows now?

Wezley with Pillows

We have them on the futon in the guest room and Wezley enjoys leaning against them while basking in the sun :)  The pillows ended up being a great wedding project that I get to keep using long after the wedding is over.

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