Halloween Broken Porcelain Doll Costume

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I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  This year we planned a costume contest at work, but organized it with only a week notice.  Not having time to run around and look for a costume, I turned to my closet and Pinterest for inspiration.  In the end I decided to try a broken porcelain doll costume.

Halloween Broken doll costume

This is a pretty simple one to pull together.  I had a black tea length dress from my Senior prom. With a little adjustment and sucking in, I was able to get the dress on still.  I grabbed a little cardigan to make it more work appropriate.  Next I grabbed some costume jewelry necklaces, white tights and my favorite holiday pumps.

Halloween Broken porcelain doll costume

What really makes this costume is the broken doll make-up.  I was able to complete this look with just a pale powder compact, red lipstick, black, white and brown eyeliner, purple and white eye shadow, blush and fake eyelashes.  I quickly curled my hair and tied a ribbon as a headband.

Halloween costume- Broken porcelain doll make-up

Simple look that is sure to turn heads on Halloween.  It was fun to see people’s reactions at work and the trick-or-treaters at our house.  With the rain we had a lot less visitors to our house this year, so I guess I will have a bit of candy to consume this next week :)

Halloween costume- Broken doll make-up

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween.  Do any fun face painting to celebrate the holiday?

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