Guest Bath Update: Removing Wall Paper

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This post is long overdue.  One of the first things we accomplished after moving into our new house was to update the guest bathroom.  Being that Alex uses this as his bathroom (yes we have separate bathrooms and it is fabulous), I wanted to find a soothing look to match his style and work for guests.  First things first, in order to paint we had to remove the wall paper.  Here are a couple before pictures, of the sink area with medicine cabinet…

Guest Bath Vanity Before

The toilet cubby….

Guest Bath Toliet Before

And another angle from the door.

Guest Bath Room Before

We decided to use the same method of using fabric softener mixed with water to remove wallpaper in this room.  Step one in this method is to remove the top layer of the wall paper.

How to remove wall paper with fabric softener

Once the top layer is all removed, we started the harder part of spraying with our water & fabric softener mixture and peeling the glued on under layer off the walls.

Guest Bathroom Makeover in Progress

Finally, the blank walls came shiny through, with one little problem…

Wall paper free walls using fabric softener

It appears that the wall paper was in place before the crown moulding and wainscoting were installed.

Stubborn wall paper

Those pesky wall paper remnants were not going down without a fight.

Stubborn wall paper to remove

So on to the most tedious step, using a box cutter to slowly work my way around the room and cut out those last scraps of wall paper.  Many hand cramps and a stiff neck later, the wall paper will finally say goodbye.

Using a razor blade to remove edges of wall paper stuck under trim

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