Giving Thanks and Eating Deep Fried Turkey

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We had a fantastic time getting to see both our families over the four day weekend.  We are so lucky to actually like our family and enjoy seeing them often.  We love you guys :) This year Fred decided to try out a deep fried turkey, and I think we may have a new family tradition!

Deep Fried Turkey Goodness

Before we even got to the fried turkey, Fred got the peanut oil up to temp and threw in an assortment of appetizers; mini corn dogs, taquitos and mozzarella sticks.

Making deep fried appetizers for Thanksgiving

The mini corn dogs and  mozzerela sticks turned out amazing, but I actually preferred taquitos in the oven better.  Deep fried taquitos get too hard. Nothing better than a redneck tailgate of deep fried foods pre-Thanksgiving dinner :)

Tailgating Appetizers Pre-Thanksgiving

Now on to the main course, how beautiful; right?!?

How to Make a Deep Fried Turkey

The deep fried turkey turned out great!  No seasoning needed, just fried at 350 degrees in peanut oil for about 45 minutes to an hour.  So juicy with amazing crispy skin.  And of course, if you are trying this at home make sure to be extremely careful and have plenty of clear space around your boiling oil to prevent a fire.

Thanksgiving Turkeys - Deep Fried and Grilled

Just in case, we made a second turkey on the BBQ and it turned out great as well!  Happy Turkey Day to all.  I hope your Thanksgiving (or Thanksgivings like us) turned out great and that you got to spend quality time with loved ones.


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