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Gerber Daisy Wedding FlowersThe most nerve-wracking DIY project we decided to tackle for our wedding had to be the wedding flowers.  We were trying to keep our wedding within a $5,000-$6,000 budget, and in order to make that happen I knew a florist was out of the question.  After looking at reviews and countless blogs, I decided wholesale wedding flowers made the most sense, and I was in love with the look of Gerber Daisies and Roses. The vibrant pinks, oranges and yellows was exactly how I envisioned tying in our colors and giving a great pop to the reception.

I opted to get my flowers through Costco so that I could talk to a real person and pick the flowers up at my local store.  I know there are other places that will mail deliver wholesale flowers, but I had nightmares of them not showing up on time or getting lost trying to find our remote orchard location.  I was so amazed by the quality of our flowers and was able to do the entire wedding flowers (table vases, hanging vases, bridal party bouquets, etc) for about $500 total, and we had plenty of flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Just look at how beautiful those flowers are still in the box!  Luckily we took my Mom’s car to pick them up because there is no way we would have fit all 8 boxes in my Honda, it was a tight squeeze in her 4×4.  We used mason jars for vases to go along with the rustic theme, and our friend/caterer brought along some orange and yellow tinted jars with wire handles that we were able to incorporate into the decor.

Hanging Flowers

Look at how great they worked as a “chandelier” over the head table.

Shepard Hooks Lining the Aisle

…and for establishing the aisle.  I envisioned having shepherd hooks with flowers lining the aisle but did not think it was going to be possible within our budget.  However on one of my many trips to Joann’s I spotted these awesome hooks 80% off for an end of summer sale!!  80% off!!!  I was so excited I snatched them up immediately.

Arranging Flowers

My sister went to work arranging the handheld bouquets the day before the wedding, while my mom, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, bridesmaid Katie and I all worked  the table top arrangements.  I am so grateful for all my family and friends who pitched in to make our wedding so special!  For greenery in the arrangements, I clipped a bunch of natural ferns we have growing along the property.  They worked great to fill out the vases.  We then clustered 3 jars on each table for the reception.  Now, on to the bridal bouquet…

Gerber Daisies and Roses BouquetImage by Shepard Photography

How beautiful right?  My sister did such as awesome job on the handheld bouquets.  She arranged them by hand and held the bundles together using green floral tape. I was worried about making them too far in advance the day before, but they held up great being kept in water over night and the roses even opened up a bit more making them that much more beautiful!

Bridal BouquetImage by Shepard Photography

In our hotel room we wrapped the handle of each bouquet with large brown satin ribbon and used pearl floral pins to hold the ribbon in place.  I just love the final look of all the bridesmaids with their bouquets!

BridesmaidsImage by Shepard Photography

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