Felt Flower Tree Skirt Tutorial

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This year for Christmas I decided to tackle one momentous project I really have wanted to get done for years; to hand-make a tree skirt. A while ago I saw this beautiful flower tree skirt and nearly gagged when I saw the price tag of $350! Yikes!! With a little ingenuity and elbow grease I knew I could make a tree skirt I would truly love and that would be one of a kind.

DIY felt flower Christmas tree skirt tutorial

I am so happy with how it turned out! This was a very time-consuming and detailed project, so if you are planning to make it be sure to leave yourself plenty of time before Christmas. There are about 120 hand-sewn flowers alone on this tree skirt and each one has to be hand stitched onto the tree skirt once you make them. So, here is my tutorial on how to make a felt flower tree skirt.


Step 1: Start making your flowers. Take your felt material and cut out four hourglass-like petals. They do not have to be exactly the same size and shape, but keep them fairly similar.

Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Step 2: Thread your needle.  Taking one of your petals, pinch the middle to make it fold slightly in half.  Begin sewing the middle section so that it with maintain the pinched shape. Tie off and cut thread.

How to make felt flowers

Repeat step 2 on a second petal.

Making a christmas tree skirt

You should now have 4 petals, two flat and two puckered.

Felt tree skirt flowers

Step 3: Take your two flat petals and sew them together perpendicular to each other, so that they form and “X” or cross.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Step 4: Feed your needle through the “X” you just made so that it is coming out the top side of your flower.  Thread through the middle underside of one of your pinched petals, sewing it in place onto your “X”.

Making a christmas flower tree skirt

Repeat with your last pinched petal so that you end up with a flower.  Tie off and cut your thread.

Handmade tree skirt flower

I added Swarovski crystals to about half of my flowers to give some extra sparkle when the lights are on the tree.  I think it give a really nice touch. Now, repeat step 1-4 about 100-120 times. Nope, not kidding. This tree skirt took me about a month to finish with 120 flowers. I varied the size of my flowers too so that they would add more more interest. After completing about 25 of the flowers, I wanted a change in pace so I stopped to make the base of the tree skirt.

Felt Flower Christmas Tree Skirt

Step 5: Making the tree skirt.  Lay out your felt and cut a large square section.

Christmas Tree Skirt how-to

I made min 48 inches by 48 inches.  It works well for our 5-6 foot tree, but if you get larger trees you will want to make your skirt larger too.

DIY tree skirt tutorial

Step 6: Quarter fold your felt square (meaning fold in half, then in half again)

Making a tree skirt

Step 7: Using a piece of string, a pencil and a tack, draw a half circle along the open edges of your square.  Make sure to place your tack at the folded corner that will be the middle of your completed circle for this to work correctly.

DIY felt tree skirt tutorial

Step 8: Cut along your traced line.

How to make a tree skirt

Step 9: Cut a smaller semi-circle on the opposite point which will become the center opening for the tree.

Tree Skirt Tutorial

Step 10: Un-fold the felt and cut a slit opening to the center.  Now you have your tree skirt base.

How to make a christmas tree skirt

This is a good time to lay out some of your completed flowers to determine exactly how many you may need fill in the border. I wanted two layers for overlapping flowers and realized that I needed to get back to work making quite a few more.  I guestimated needing 120 and was just about right on.  It seemed more time efficient for me to make a  bunch of petals and stack them in groups of four based on size.  Then I would site down and sew them later.

Felt tree skirt flowers how-to

The stack of flowers kept growing and growing on our kitchen table :)

Christmas Tree Skirt Step-by-Step

Step 11: Once all the flowers are done, it is time to stitch them on.  I tied off and cut my thread between each flower because I  did not want loose thread on the back trying to sew on one flower after another.

Christmas Tree Shirt how-to tutorial

Being that I made flowers of different sizes and only half with crystals, I made a point to mix them up randomly as I sewed them on to the base.

How to make a felt christmas tree skirt

And there we are with the finished product!  Lots of work, but I just love how it turned out!

Handmade Christmas tree skirt tutorial

DIY flower Christmas tree skirt tutorial

This post is linked to the Christmas craft parties at Centsational Girl and Hi Sugarplum. I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!)

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15 thoughts on “Felt Flower Tree Skirt Tutorial

  1. I really love this. I have 2 white cats that love to lay on my tree skirt. I can’t wait to do this. It is the most elegant and lovely tree skirt I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thank you showing how to do. As they sell them for like a $150 on esty and I really want to make one in my colors to match my theme, as I can’t find any tree skirts I like. Again thank you.

    • No problem! It is a time consuming project, but great to get exactly what you want to match your color theme and fulfilling to know that you made it.

  3. That really really wow oh my god I think it took a lot of work but yeah look what at the end of all these dayswork you had.

  4. 120 handsewn flowers?! Holy moly, this must have taken FOREVER. But wow, it sure is beautiful. I love how it turned out! It is so eye-catching and detailed. You did a gorgeous job!

    • Thanks Rachel. I started this early October and it did take forever! Every few nights I would set it aside and work on something else so it would not become too tedious. Thanks for hosting Dare to DIY!!

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