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Can I just say how excited I was last week when I saw the Fall Pinterest Challenge announced over on Young House Love?!? The Pinterest Challenge was the brain child of Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power.  This time around they have teamed up with Our Fifth House and Ugly Duckling House to bring us the Fall Pinterest Challenge.

Pinterest Challenge

For their last challenge, the summer edition, I made this great map canvas art for our living room.  My inspiration this time around came in the form of this neon bib necklace from P.S.- I Made This.  I have been eyeballing it for months after pinning it to my DIY pin-board.

Elle bib necklace inspiration

I wanted to give a nice warm fall twist to this piece and have been meaning to get around to working on it ever since I bought the perfect shell beads about a month ago at Joanns.  Those beads have been sitting on my desk, just waiting for the day that I would get motivated enough to make it happen.  No better excuse than a pinterest challenge right?  Without further ado, here is my fall bib necklace:

DIY Bib Necklace Tutorial

To start out I gathered all the supplies I would need to make this necklace. As I mentioned before, the shell “O” beads were from Joanns.  The copper wire, chain and clasp were all purchased over the last few years from various Etsy vendors.  I am a huge fan and supporter of Etsy and buy most of my beads and findings from vendors there. You will also need your round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers and cutters for this project.

Supplies for a bib necklace

While my inspiration piece recommended using jump rings to hold all the beads together, but I opted to use wire so that I could make oblong connectors and place with the overall shape of the necklace.  Also I had plenty of wire on hand, but would have had to order jump rings, so this seemed like the best option.  Starting with the first bead, I bent my wire into a hook and looped in in.

Bib Necklace Tutorial

Next I held my second bead flush to the first.

Easy Bib Necklace Tutorial

Using my cutters i snipped the wire at a length that could easily wrap around the corner of the second bead and lay flat against the back.

Making a bib necklace

As you can see, nice and clean lines in the front and overlapping wire in the back.  Try to make the cuts as clean as possible and work with bending the wire to lay down flat to prevent the necklace from scratching your neck.  You can even take a nail file to the end of each wire if you have sensitive skin and are afraid of the wire ends rubbing or scratching.

Fall Bib Necklace Step-by-Step Tutorial

Continue this process making sections of different lengths to then attach together.  I ended up making 3 chains, one of 7 beads in length, one of 5 beads in length and the final one of 3 beads.  Start attaching the three chains together, over lapping the beads and attaching tightly.  This gives a nice dimension to the necklace.

Making of a bib necklace

Once all three chains we attached together, I took a look at the shape of the necklace and added a few more beads to each side and one in the very center, palaying with it until I got the exact shape I wanted.

Fall Bib Necklace Tutorial

Finally, add your chain using the wire to create findings and add your clasp.

Brown Bib Necklace Tutorial

All done!  I just love the metallic, brown color of this piece and feel like it adds a great fall pop to my wardrobe.  I wore it to work the other day with a black sweater and brown boots and I cannot get over how much I love it!  Thank you Pinterest Challenge for giving me that swift kick I needed to finally get this piece made :)

DIY Fall Bib Necklace Tutorial

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