Wedding Week: Champagne Flutes

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Being that we planned on drinking mimosas and champagne while getting ready for the wedding, I wanted  to have special glasses for my bridesmaids.  I looked around but could not find what I wanted and really wanted to make them personalized too.  So, I took yet another trip to Joann’s and found glass enamel paint that could be used to permanently decorate glass.  I bought it in fuschia and brown and ran by Target to buy champagne glasses.

Bridesmaid Glasses

Once home, I took the paint and  wrote each bridal party member’s name and bridesmaid, maid of honor or bride on the glass.  Such a cute way to make a gift for each of my bridesmaids and an easy way to make sure we all know who’s glass is who’s while getting ready :)  Here is a picture of the process:

Decorating Champagne Flute

I bought rhinestones and glued them to the base of each glass as well to add some bling.  Starting with the outside row first and working my way towards the stem.  I glued these on using mosaic glue. Ooohh so sparkly!

Bridesmaid Champagne Flutes

Cheers to getting married!

Wedding Champagne Glasses

I also made the toasting glasses for Alex and I.  Why spend a ton of money on wedding champagne flutes when you can decorate them yourself :)

First Toast Champagne Glasses

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