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My latest obsession has been buttons!  I mean how amazing are buttons and the million uses they have in crafts?  I really wanted to make a button necklace, but after searching high and low I could not find a tutorial anywhere.  Since I had a vision in my mind and a knack for jewelry making, I figured I would give it a try.  After some frustration and many revisions I finally figured it out!  So, to make it easier on everyone else out there I put together a quick tutorial on how to make this button necklace.  Looking to just purchase one instead?  Contact me at, and I can make you a custom order on Etsy :)

 Button Necklace Tutorial:

1. Gather up the buttons you plan to use for your bib button necklace.  Make sure to get a variety of sizes (I use 6 large buttons, 6-8 medium size buttons and 2-6 small buttons.  You will also need craft wire, 2 beads/pearls, chain, clasp and beading tools (cutter, needle nose pliers and round nose pliers).

2. Cut a piece of wire approximately 4 feet in length.  Fold the wire in half to find the middle and use your needle nose pliers to create a loop, using one side of the wire to wrap the other.  Add a pearl or other bead on one side of the wire, using the other side to wrap around the first side 3-4 times below the bead.

3. Add your first small button. Starting from the back side of the button, feed each end of your wire into the the top two button holes.  Crisscross the wire on the front side of the button creating an X and feed it through the other two holes (if using a 2 hole button, feed both wires through the same hole and out the other one).

4. We are now ready to add the second and third buttons.  Take one end of your wire and feed it through the back of the button and return it through the opposite hole on the front.  Using the other wire, go through the back of the third button and return it through the opposite hole on the front. Cross each wire in the back and go through the opposite button before returning through the front to help secure them.

5. Continue this process by adding two buttons each time.  Make sure to pay attention the overall shape of the necklace and go back through buttons multiple times to ensure strength.  Don’t worry about neatness on the backside of the necklace.  This is where you are crossing back and forth to attach the buttons so it will look a little messy.  Just make sure to keep the wire tight and you will be fine.

6. Once you have added all the buttons, wrap one wire around the other 3-4 times. Add your remaining bead or pearl, and use your round nose pliers to create a loop to match the other side.  Cut the wire and use your needle nose pliers to tighten the loose end into the wrapped wire.

7. It is now done!  Finish it off with a chain and clasp or ribbon.  I prefer chain to make it a bit classier and more like nice jewelry than costume jewelry.

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