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I am excited for our first Halloween in our new house and for decorating for Halloween!  I did not get to do all the decorations I had in mind, but the few I got done still look pretty good.

Halloween decorations

Spooky webs, spiders and purple lights!

our Halloween decor

The webs we got this year are great because they are made to glow under black lights.  I figured we could change our our porch lights with black light bulbs, but unfortunately they were too weak to glow much :( So we ended up just changing out one for the purple glow and left the main one over the door normal so that the porch is still lit enough.

Halloween decorations for the front porch

Here is a distance shot from the sidewalk including the Trick or Treat sign I made this year (more on that here).

front porch halloween decorations

And one more close up of the sign:

DIY trick or treat sign

Now for my favorite part, the creepy large spider!  I love how the lights on the tree make the webs glow.  I have a huge fear of spiders, so I love the creepiness this guy brings to our yard!

Creepy spider halloween decoration

Unfortunately our pumpkins molded too fast so we already had to throw them away and used un-carved pumpkins to decorate our porch. But, you can see all three of our carved pumpkin designs or check out how to make the best pumpkin seeds in my other posts from last week.  Enjoy all the ghouls and goblins in your life and have a safe Halloween everyone!

Halloween carved pumpkins

Halloween Decorations from Halloween Express

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