December Instagram Style

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I had so much fun looking back on 2013 in Instagram, that I decided to make it a monthly thing!  I know I am a little late already for December, but life has been crazy in the new year and I figure better late than never, right?!?  I have been getting more and more obsessed with Instagram so here we go!

December Instagram

1. Birthday beer and cider waiting in the fridge from my wonderful hubby.

2. Crab dinner, my birthday request

3. Toy drive for work, drop off #1 at 5am

4. Hanging out with the morning KCRA news crew

5. Brown ale in SF

6. View from the room at Parc 55 in San Francisco

7. Our Christmas mantel, I love our new silver deer

8. 2nd row on the floor at the Kings game

9. Go Kings!

10. Julia’s dirty 30 80’s ski lodge theme party

11. Toy drop #2

12. Toy drop #3

13. Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

14. Surf and turf early Christmas dinner on the farm

15. My moms lighted Christmas creatures

16. Puppy paws

17. Best friends cuddling in bed

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