Couples Halloween Costume: Zombie and Zombie Hunter

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Happy Halloween!!  It has been a few years since dressing up for Halloween, but this year we were invited to a costume party with a prize for best costume, so it was on!  After wracking our brains and much research on Pinterest, we finally decided on Zombie and Zombie Hunter. I have always wanted to do a creepy costume and have been intrigued by the cosmetic contacts, and this was my chance to go all out.

Zombie & Zombie Hunter Couples Costume

When coming up with a zombie costume, it is always a good idea to come up with your characters’ back story. What were you doing when you were turned into a zombie? Sure you could be wearing just about anything torn-up with blood on it, but some of the best zombies have a story, like a zombie nurse, or cheerleader, or just out of bed with curlers still in.  Or what about a zombie bride and groom?  With that in mind I decided to be a zombie sorority girl.  Not a hard one being that I was in a sorority and knew I could whip up a pair of letters to use with left over fabric and puff paint. Matched with old ratty jeans and you have a costume.

Step 1: Gather up all your clothing and props. I used my “crafting” jeans that already had tears and paint on them and my sorority shirt. For Alex, we found a trench coat at Goodwill, an old pair of jeans, and a few props (hat, bullet belt & axe) from a Spirit store. We also bought a zombie make-up kit, fake blood spray, and zombie contact lenses to complete the look.

DIY Zombie Costume Before Pics

Step 2: Time to start making your costumes. Take scissors and cut into your shirt. It looks more authentic to start the holes with scissors, but then pull on them to rip larger and more naturally.

Sorority Zombie Costume Tutorial

Step 3: Fake blood time. We found this great spray bottle of blood at our Spirit store and it was perfect to make the blood sprays on our outfits. We took our clothes outside and hung them up on a fence to get started. First we did my shirt and pants…

DIY Zombie Costume Tutorial

and then Alex’s trench coat.

Zombie Hunter Costume Tutorial

To make it look more authentic than just sprayed blood, we also did smears and hand prints. For this I put on a latex glove so that my hand would not be stained.

DIY Zombie Outfit Tutorial

With my hand covered in fake blood, I placed it firmly on the trench coat in a few places, like the shoulder and back of the coat as if zombies and been grabbing it.

DIY Zombie Hunter Outfit Tutorial

It looks so good here, but as the blood sried on the trench coat, it lost a lot of the vibrancy. It is a good idea to test out your fake blood in advance, because it can soak in and fade on some fabrics. If we had more time, we would have done more blood splatters with actual paint to help enhance the look.

Zombie Hunter Costume

Using my fake blood covered hand, I made a point to grab at all the tears in my shirt to make them more fun and gruesome as well.

Zombie & Zombie Hunter Couples Costume Tutorial

Please keep in mind, for a zombie costume, make-up is key. Click here for my zombie make-up tutorial.  Pale face, bruising or scars, blood and dirt make for the creepy appearance. For the best effect, Halloween contacts in white, yellow or red are amazing.

Zombie  Make-Up Tutorial

There you have it. Sorority zombie girl and Zombie Hunter couple costume. I hope we get to dress up again next year. Too fun!!

Zombie & Zombie Hunter


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