Easy No-Sew Braided Fleece Scarf

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Trying to think up an easy holiday gift idea? I came up with this really easy, no-sew scarf idea. This project really only takes 15-30 minutes, so it works great for last minute gifts around the holidays.  By braiding the fleece this scarf has more detail too it than the basic diy fleece scarf.

How to make a Easy No-Sew Fleece Scarf

I made this scarf using a remnant piece of fleece I picked up a few months ago, but any left over fleece will do. (Great deals from Fabric.com! Click here) This piece was just under 1/2 a yard.  While standing in line to have other fabric cut, I saw this beauty and with one touch I was sold. This grey fleece is supper soft and comfortable and I just new I could make a great scarf with it!

Easy No-Sew Fleece Scarf from Scrap Material

Step 1: Roll out your piece of fleece in a flat area.  I choose the floor, but a nice long table would work great too. Continue reading »

Random Acts of Craftiness: Uno Card Art

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It is officially time for the first ever edition of Random Acts of Craftiness, the monthly creative challenge set forth by His & Hers.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, each month we are presented with a random item and asked to stretch our creative minds to use this item in a fun, new, inventive project.  For the maiden voyage, the item is game pieces….board games, cards, domino, dice, etc.

As soon as the challenge was announced I began racking by brain trying to come up with something new and amazing.  Maybe a sweet domino clock?  Or game piece x-mas ornaments?  Then my husband threw out the idea of a game table.  I won’t go into too much detail because I still plan on making it some day when I get the time, but let’s just say it would blow your mind.  Or at least the idea blew mine and still sounds awesome in my head.  Being that I waited too long and we don’t have room for a game table in our current place, I finally decided on creating a piece of wall art using a large canvas and Uno cards.

Uno Chevron Art Continue reading »

Visiting Alta Family Farm

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Has is really been over two weeks since my last post?!? Time seems to be flying by and I have been delinquent about keeping up with my posting.  Between working long hours and weekend trips, something had to give I guess!  Two out of the last three weekends we went to visit the family farm, and the other weekend was spent celebrating the beautiful nuptials of two fantastic friends.  Great times with friends and family as the summer draws to a close. Want a tour of the family farm?  We had a blast visiting the farm and stocking up on all the produce that is finally starting to ripen!


All the onions and garlic have been pulled and are left to dry out before going into their bins for storage. The incredible flavor and aroma of fresh garlic and onions when cooking is spectacular. Amazing how much flavor you get in fresh produce compared to store-bought. Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Mailbox Gift Area

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The gift area at a wedding is a great area to use some creativity and tie into the overall theme of a wedding.  For our outdoor orchard wedding I just knew that I wanted to make a mailbox card holder, especially being that we only registered for our Honeymoon.  We planned on mainly getting cards and gifts towards our Maui getaway being that we already had all the household goodies we needed.

Wedding Gift Area with Mailbox

Since we had the county idea and hay bales being used in other part of the reception, we were also able to incorporate a hay bale in next to the mail box to hold the larger gifts.  This set up was at the entry of our wedding.  I hate going to a party or wedding and feeling awkward carrying around my gift, not knowing where it should go, so I really wanted this to be a cute, designated focal point when entering the wedding area. Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Tree Stump Cake Stand

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Wedding cake standI absolutely loved my wedding cake stand.  I had seen the idea of making a tree stump stand while searching rustic wedding ideas, so I asked my dad if he thought it was possible.  He looked around at fallen trees and wood to be chopped for firewood and came up with the perfect pieces.  He got to work and quickly my dream became a reality!

I just love how unique and personalized it is.  Being that we had a dessert bar, we were not planning on a large cake.  My mom was kind enough to volunteer (or should I say get suckered into) baking the cake.  It was so delicious and just perfect!  She also frosted it in this great rustic style and then we had fresh flowers cascading down the side of it.

I made the cake toppers by just getting wooden letters and a small dowel from the craft store.  I got a larger G for our last name and a small A and H for our first names.  I painted them brown on the front and back, and then fuchsia along the edges as the bright accent color. Then I used hot glue to attach the letters to one-foot tall segments of the wooden dowel.  This way it was easy to insert them into the cake to stand on the top and all the flowers helped to hide the entry of the dowels. Such a cheap and fun cake topper! Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Champagne Flutes

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Being that we planned on drinking mimosas and champagne while getting ready for the wedding, I wanted  to have special glasses for my bridesmaids.  I looked around but could not find what I wanted and really wanted to make them personalized too.  So, I took yet another trip to Joann’s and found glass enamel paint that could be used to permanently decorate glass.  I bought it in fuschia and brown and ran by Target to buy champagne glasses.

Bridesmaid Glasses

Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Pear Guest Gifts

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Being that our wedding was in the middle of a pear orchard, it made complete sense to me to incorporate pears into our wedding.  What better way than on the tables as the gift for our guests! They act double duty as decor and gift :) Unfortunately we had a late pear season last year, so the ones on the trees were far from being edible by the end of August.  Luckily I was able to find a great deal on pears by the flat at Costco, and we were able to pick them up at the same time we grabbed all the flowers the day before the wedding.

Pear Guest GiftImage by Shepard Photography Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Hay Couches/Mr. & Mrs. Pillows

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While searching for rustic ideas to incorporate into our wedding, I came across Elizabeth Anne Designs blog and fell in love with the look and feel of her post about a Knoxville Farm Wedding.  I especially loved the use of hay bales for seating areas, and decided I wanted to use hay for our wedding too.  At first I planned on hay for the ceremony seating, but after finding out it is really not the cheapest thing, I decided to make couches for seating areas around the gazebo dance floor instead.

Hay Couches and Mr. & Mrs. PillowsImage by Shepard Photography Continue reading »

Wedding Week: Rustic Wood Signage

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With our rustic orchard themed wedding, I just new we had to include a few hand-painted wood signs.  Luckily for us, there was an old shed on my parent’s property that had partially burned down years prior before they lived there and they had not yet gotten around to tearing it down.  We were able to salvage some of the weathered siding from the shed to make our rustic signs.  The wood was perfect; faded from years in the sun, remnants of old chipping paint, rusted out nail holes and slightly charred in some places.  It really gave our signs the character I wanted!  Here is one of my favorites signs we made that was next to our appetizer/dessert table:

Hand Painted Wedding Signs

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Wedding Week: Gerber Daisy Flowers

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Gerber Daisy Wedding FlowersThe most nerve-wracking DIY project we decided to tackle for our wedding had to be the wedding flowers.  We were trying to keep our wedding within a $5,000-$6,000 budget, and in order to make that happen I knew a florist was out of the question.  After looking at reviews and countless blogs, I decided wholesale wedding flowers made the most sense, and I was in love with the look of Gerber Daisies and Roses. The vibrant pinks, oranges and yellows was exactly how I envisioned tying in our colors and giving a great pop to the reception.

I opted to get my flowers through Costco so that I could talk to a real person and pick the flowers up at my local store.  I know there are other places that will mail deliver wholesale flowers, but I had nightmares of them not showing up on time or getting lost trying to find our remote orchard location.  I was so amazed by the quality of our flowers and was able to do the entire wedding flowers (table vases, hanging vases, bridal party bouquets, etc) for about $500 total, and we had plenty of flowers. Continue reading »