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Happy Easter! This year for Easter I decided to use some of the leftover burlap from my wedding and break into that stash of random buttons to make a framed button letter for each of my nieces. I was able to find these cute Easter baskets at CVS and here is the final product!

Easter Baskets with Framed Button Letters

I know this is going to be more of a gift for my sister than the little girls, so I made a point to fill plastic eggs with candy for Clementine and Georgia.  Claire is only going to be a few days old on Easter, so no candy for her this year. :) I had found this great inspiration of a brightly colored button letter C framed on black paper a while ago on Pinterest (see my pin of it here).  Here is the process of how I made my framed button letters:

Assorted buttons
8×10 frame
White thread
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Craft glue
Fabric (I used burlap)

Arranging the Buttons1. Cut an 8×10″ piece of the fabric you plan on using.  Choose your buttons and arrange them in the letter shape you are designing.  Mix in different sizes and styles of buttons to add variety and interest.



Gluing the Buttons2. After you have your letter mapped out, start lightly gluing each button onto the fabric. This is a great way to keep the buttons in place while stitching them down in the next step.  Make sure to keep the glue out of the actual button holes so that you do not have problems getting a needle through them later.


Stitching The Buttons 3. Once all of your buttons are glued and the glue has dried, it is time to stitch each button on.  This will make them more durable, and, in my opinion, much cuter.  While this is a bit time consuming, buttons look best stitched.


Stitching Names On4. Now that all the button are stitched on, the only thing left to do is grab your embroidery thread and stitch on the rest of the name.  To make sure my spacing was correct I first took a pencil and lightly wrote out the name on the burlap to follow along with. Frame it and you are done!
Can’t wait to give these to the girls on Sunday and see how they look up on their walls!

Finished Framed Button Letter Names

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