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With Saint Patrick’s Day on the mind the last few weeks, I was inspired to make a vibrant green necklace. I have seen braided necklaces all over the place lately and loved the idea of using up some of my old seed beads in a fun new way.  I grabbed beads in the green and blue shades and got to work!

I just love how bright the colors are!

Here is a quick tutorial on how I made this braided necklace:


Beading needle
Thread ( I used Coats & Clark Transparent Polyester Thread Clear 400 yds.)
Seed beads in a variety of colors and sizes
Bead caps (2)
Silver chain
24 gauge silver wire
Beading tools


1.  Thread your needle with about 4 feet of thread, pulling your needle to the middle.  Take the two ends and tie a knot about 3 inches up the string.  Tie a few more knots on top of it to make it larger.  Choose your first color and take your first bead onto the needle, to the end of the string, threading back through the bead to tie it on the end of the string. Continue threading on more beads.


2.  Once the strand of beads is to your desired length for the necklace, tie it off looping through the last bead and cut the thread leaving about 3 inches in length.  Continue this process for all remaining desired colors of beads, making multiple strands of beads.  I made 9 strands of beads for this necklace to be able to braid with three strands in each section.


3.  Using your round nose and needle nose pliers, create a twisted loop in a piece of 24 gauge silver wire.  You will be tying all of beaded strands to this loop, so be sure to make it it large enough the tie multiple strands.  Make  a second matching wire loop and set aside to use later.



4.  One by one, tie each bead strand to the wire loop you created.  Make sure to tie it tightly and multiple times since this is how the necklace is going to be held together.  Trim the ends of the thread off once each bead strand is securely attached.



5. Braid the strands of beads together as tightly or loosely as you like.  Being that I was using seed beads, I wanted the braid to be obvious and braided them tightly.  I made sure to mix up the colors in each of the three sections to have a variety through out.  Tie the loose ends to the other wire loop you created earlier.  It can help to tape the braid loosely to the table to prevent unraveling while tying them.


6. Thread your bead cap on to one of the wire loops, using your pliers to wire-wrap a loop on the other side of the wire with the chain on the loop.  Wow, that sounds confusing!  Essentially you want to end up with a short piece of wire that is looped on each end, one side has the beaded strands tied to it an the other with the chain attached.  Repeat on the other side’s wire loop. Add your clasp and it’s ready to be worn!

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4 thoughts on “Braided Bead Necklace Tutorial

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  2. Really lovely necklace! Thank you for taking the time to write and share your tutorial (love all the photos too). I want to make one of these for myself… soon as I finish moving my beads into my new home. I sure do miss them.

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