Best Air Conditioned Dog House – Part 2

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We are back with part 2 of building our awesome air conditioned dog house!  If you missed part one, you can view it here.  With the pieces pre-built and ready to go from our weekend working on the dog house with my dad, it was time to assemble the dog house in our new back yard.

Dog house ready to be assembled

Alex decided the dog house would fit best on the side of our yard leading into the garden boxes.  I was not sure about it at first, but after setting up the floor and a couple walls, I knew he was right.  Even Wezley agreed that this would be a great place for his new house.

Wezley checking out his new dog house

I mean look at that little face!  This was a costly and time consuming project, but seeing him jump around in it while we worked on building his new house made me sure it was a good idea.

Wezley checking our his new dog house in progress

Once all the walls were securely nailed together, it was time to install the wall air conditioning unit.  One thing we did not really plan for was the space needed to bend the cord to the outside.  Normally a wall ac unit is plugged in inside, but since we are running an extension cord on the outside, we needed the cord to go out the hole, while keeping it snug.

Installing an air conditioner in our dog house

So with some quick chisel skills, my dad notched out a cord size groove that works like a charm!  Now the cord goes to the outside, but it does not leave a large gap to let the weather in.

Installing the ac unit for our dog house

The next step was to finish attaching the ac unit in the wall.

Installing an cooler in our dog house

Looking good!

Putting our dog house together

With the air conditioner in place, we moved on to the window.  My dad started with a line of caulk all around the outside of the window hole.

Building a dog house with a window

Then we held the window in place and he worked his way around nailing it in down.  Once the window was nailed down it was time to go out for a quick lunch and a trip to Home Depot to pick up roof shingles, trim and hinges for the door.

Installing the window in Wezley's dog house

The roof shingles we picked out were simple comp single shingles.  We ended up needing about 20 shingles to complete the roof.

Dog house roofing

Once we got back home we nailed on the trim and the shingles.  We mis-calucated on the trim and will need to come back and finish it out before the rainy season.  We will also need to paint the wood too, but I am still deciding on colors.

Roofing for our dog house

Last but not least we attached the door with the doggie door framed in it.  After adding a bed and some blankets, the house is ready for use.  It has been a few months since we finished this project (still to be painted and finish the trim), and I am happy to report that the boys love it!  We find them coming out of the house each day when we get home from work and sometimes they go lay in there if we are all hanging out in the yard.  I could not be happier with how it turned out and I am glad our pampered pups can stay out in the yard year-round without me having to worry about the weather.

Custom dog house for our pampered pooch

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