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After moving into our new house, we decided on a quick and fairly cheap project that we could do immediately in the yard.  Being that we moved in at the end of June, we wanted to make the backyard feel like ours so we can eat outside, play with the pups and finally enjoy a yard of our our after years of apartment living. So, we hopped in the car and went to our new favorite store to look for some bamboo, and ahhh what a difference it makes!

Install Bamboo Privacy Fencing

My Uncle had some bamboo privacy screening along one of the fences and we really liked that it blocked some of the view between the fence boards. It was weathered and faded, so we bought enough bamboo to cover both side fence lines (the back of our yard is a brick wall, so that side looks great already).  We found the basic 6ft x 16ft rolls here and bought 3 of them to have enough coverage.  We also picked up a staple gun and staples.

Privacy Bamboo Fencing

Before getting started with the bamboo, Alex walked around the fence looking for loose spots that a 15 pound chihuahua might fit through to make sure the yard would be secure for the dogs.  We found a few scrap pieces of wood in the garage and a couple random screws for the minor fixes we needed to make.

Quick repairs to loose boards before privacy bamboo is installed

This was a quick fix and since we were covering the fence with the bamboo, we did not take the time to make it pretty underneath, just functional.

Quick repair to loose boards before privacy bamboo is installed

Alex then rolled out the bamboo along the fence and got to stapling.  We had a few frustrating moments with the new staple gun not firing, but overall it was a success.

How to Install Bamboo Privacy Fencing

It was easy to overlap the seam when we ran out of one roll to start the next without it being very obvious.  The bamboo was held together with wire strips every 6 inches or so, making it easy to cut the size we needed to finish the fence line without it unraveling.

Installing Bamboo Privacy Fencing

Just a few quick clips down the length with our cutters and boom, two pieces.  We stapled it up first to make it easy to just cut off the loose side and move on the other side of the fence.

Bamboo Privacy Fencing-A cheap way to dress up an old fence

And there you have it, a super simple way to spruce up a old fence.  Kinda looks like we should have a tropical themed party and sip on a cocktail out of a pineapple now right?!?!

Privacy Bamboo Fencing to cover old fencing

Bamboo Privacy Fencing- a low cost way to dress up an old fence

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